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#632: backupdb: override pathname root for snapshots
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 By the way, I had a good idea for a technique to avoid missed or
 inconsistent backups of a file at the cost of having delayed (even
 indefinitely delayed) backup of that file.  It is written in this message:


 I do hope that the makers of backup tools (Brian, Shawn, Francois?, ?)
 think about this, because the failure modes of the naive approach are rare
 and ugly, and my technique to avoid it doesn't seem too complicated.

 Of course, what you *really* want is something much more sophisticated,
 such as a file-system-wide cheap snapshot.  NTFS has something along those
 lines -- Volume Shadow Something Or Other, and of course ZFS is really
 good at that, and hopefully someday BTRFS and others will be.  But for
 now, please consider whether my technique described in that mail will

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