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#630: explain debian compatibility: run-from-source vs run-from-.deb-package
 Reporter:  warner     |           Owner:  somebody 
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Comment(by warner):

 Ok, here's my plan:

  * install LVM and schroot on the host
  * create ~buildslave/public_html/EXPORT
  * write a script that takes a .deb file and replaces EXPORT with a
    functional single-package APT repository
  * create a baseline LVM volume
   * use debootstrap to install a basic e.g. hardy system
   * create a user account with sudo-powers to run apt-get
   * configure /etc/apt/sources.list to point at both the 'main' section of
     the allmydata.org repo (for dependency packages) and the local EXPORT
   * declare this baseline to be readonly, don't modify it again
  * teach schroot.conf how to create a session that uses a read-write
    of that baseline volume. Each time the session is started, schroot will
    create an LVM snapshot initially populated with the baseline contents.
    When the session is finished, the snapshot will be destroyed.
  * the buildslave process is then:
   * checkout
   * create .deb (I want this to happen before tests, in case the
     directory gets dragged into the .deb)
   * run tests (halt-on-failure)
   * run create-EXPORT-repo script with the previously-generated .deb
   * schroot start session
   * schroot apt-get update, apt-get install allmydata-tahoe
   * schroot tahoe --version, confirm output looks right
   * for extra credit, run 'trial allmydata' and check the output
   * for extra credit, create a no-storage client node, attach to testgrid
     prodnet, wait for connections, download a file, check its contents
   * schroot destroy session

 Having one of these on each debian platform we care about should get us
 tested installable packages.

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