[tahoe-dev] buildbot news: Shawn's jaunty-amd64 demoted, BlackDew's debian-i386 and Zandr's lenny-armel promoted, Arthur's lenny-c7 added. Zooko's mac-powerpc dropped

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Wed Jul 8 06:00:46 PDT 2009


Shawn's jaunty-amd64 machine had mysterious failures and has been  
demoted from "Supported" to "Unsupported" status.

BlackDew's debian-i386 and Zandr's lenny-armel are green and have  
been promoted to "Supported".  This makes for the first "embedded"  
CPU in the Supported category!  :-)

Arthur Lutz has contributed a C7 box running Debian, which as been  
added in the Unsupported category.

Finally, we must say a sad farewell, at least temporarily, to my  
PowerPC G4 867 MHz laptop "draco".  My four-year old son dropped  
draco and now it won't power up.




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