[tahoe-dev] Announcing RentaNode.nl - Tahoe-LAFS storage rental in Europe

Guido Witmond guido at witmond.nl
Thu Nov 7 20:31:34 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

I have the pleasure to announce the reopening of Rentanode.nl.
We offer Tahoe-LAFS storage nodes for rent.

You'll get a Tahoe storage node and optionally a Tahoe introducer node.
Both will be running on a EU-based server with a fixed IP-address, so
you can reach it form everywhere you go. Just connect your client node
and your grid is ready.


Use it as a cloud backup, but unlike other cloud storage, it is
completely secure and private due to the Tahoe-LAFS protocol.

Install a client node on each of your devices and you can securely share
all your data over your devices.

Install a client node at a friend or family member and you can securely
share some of your data between you. In upcoming versions of the
Tahoe-protocol, you can even limit their data usage. It's your private

Or do all those things at the same time. There is no limit. Just don't
hand the link towards your private data to your friend and he won't be
able to learn that you even have it.

Don't just rely on us.

To really benefit, don't just do business with us. Rent space at other
Tahoe-Lafs providers. Spreading improves both capacity and resilience of
your data at the same time.

There is Least Authority Enterprises who offer their Simple Secure
Storage Service (S4) and Havenco who offer their LAFS-storage.

For the privacy minded.

We accept Bitcoin only. Our prices are in Euros and include all VAT, so
what you see is what you pay. If you want to claim the tax back you'll
have to provide proof that you run a business. Regrettably, that's the
price for privacy.

For the really privacy minded.

We offer completely anonymous access to our service. Don't sign up with
an email address and password. Use Eccentric Authentication instead.
With that, you have your own private key on your computer and
However, you should run all your communication with us over Tor. You
know why :-)

With Regards,

Guido Witmond, Rentanode.nl


LAE S4: https://leastauthority.com/
Havenco: https://www.havenco.com/

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