report from Weekly Hack Hour, 2014-02-12

Zooko Wilcox-OHearn zooko at
Wed Feb 12 03:28:39 UTC 2014

In attendance: Zooko, Marlowe, Andrew, Daira, Str4d

Andrew was doing tech support for his colleagues for part of it, Daira
had technical difficulties with the video-conferencing part, str4d
accidentally left behind his notes from RWC, Marlowe was distracted by
his day job and Zooko had to leave early to help a 12-year-old with
his homework. Also:

#2128 - Andrew has a patch; Updating it to apply the "no #'s rule" to
any config value whose key ends with ".furl" ; Daira concurs with the

#1382 - Zooko is reviewing generate_upload_plan() and
_calculate_mappings(); _calculate_mappings() seems to have two
separate uses -- if servermap is provided then it identifies a subset
of the mapping therein which is the mapping "to be preserved", or if
servermap is None then it generates a new mapping from the other
arguments. It might be clearer to have two separately-named functions.
Zooko is examining all code that invokes _calculate_mappings(). Zooko
rewrote _calculate_mappings() to be two separate functions for those
two uses and it did indeed make generate_upload_plan() easier to

Next week we'll try the same time: Tuesday at 23:00Z, despite the
mixed success of this time around. We're also doing Thursday at
16:00Z, but there are some people who can never make that slot so
we're going to continue experimenting with additional other slots.


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