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     1= pycryptopp =
     3pycryptopp is a set of Python interfaces to a few good crypto algorithms.
     5Please see the [source:git/README.rst README] for details.
     7= login =
     9To post new tickets, comment on existing tickets, or edit the wiki, you can use username="guest", password="guest". Of course, if you create your own account and register an email address, then you can do those things under your own account name instead of "guest".
     11= advertisement =
     13pycryptopp!  It's all the Python bindings for crypto algorithms that you could ever want! [*]
     15= source code [ on github] =
     17{{{git clone}}}
     19or visit
     23direct download link:
     27= github vs. trac =
     29Please use [] to submit pull requests, but use this trac for issue tracking.
     31= mailing list =
     33Please use [//cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tahoe-dev the tahoe-dev mailing list] for questions or suggestions about pycryptopp.
     35= navigating this web site =
     37For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.
     39== footnote ==
     41[*] Provided that all you ever wanted was AES, XSalsa20, and Ed25519 signatures.