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circleci.txt 3.1 KB 230ce34   2023-01-28T13:54:00Z exarkun circleci env var notes
config.yml 16.3 KB 69b25d9   2023-01-18T18:29:14Z exarkun Re-enable the Debian-11 / integration gate 1.8 KB 03a4988   2020-01-14T01:12:43Z noreply Fix wording of comment
Dockerfile.debian 858 bytes 90a6cf1   2022-05-18T17:20:44Z itamar Just use system Tor, for more stability.
Dockerfile.fedora 819 bytes 3744b4d2   2020-08-03T21:02:14Z exarkun FROM creates a new build stage which discards all prior ARGs
Dockerfile.oraclelinux 782 bytes 6a17c07   2022-02-14T15:52:33Z itamar Drop unnecessary install.
Dockerfile.pypy 694 bytes f89ad00   2020-04-14T20:14:07Z sajith Use 2.7-buster Docker image for pypy Fix failing PyPy? CI job. Fixes: …
Dockerfile.ubuntu 1.0 KB 13d23e3b   2022-02-14T15:57:44Z itamar The terminal is a lie. 1012 bytes 2f8e22f   2019-04-06T14:00:19Z exarkun Fix the permissions ... twice. Thanks, COPY. 3.2 KB 4ea4286   2023-01-28T14:21:34Z exarkun Use CIRCLE_PULL_REQUESTS in case there are multiple which, of course, … 1.7 KB e835ed5   2022-12-09T19:18:40Z exarkun Okay don't quote it then 1.0 KB a3637c19   2019-06-25T22:51:11Z exarkun try telling the virtualenv to use pypy 511 bytes 793033c   2022-12-14T17:44:11Z exarkun Fix quoting on the helper 317 bytes 00e3a04   2018-06-15T18:21:33Z exarkun Factor steps out for use by machine executer 3.1 KB d77d8d0   2023-01-21T00:58:06Z exarkun Give the integration tests a little longer to finish. 1.2 KB c80a28c   2019-06-26T12:50:13Z exarkun this was vaguely helpful sort of not really it's definitely extremely …
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