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we end up using the coveralls tool to clean up these paths

and I stopped using tox so they don't look like this anymore

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1# -*- mode: conf -*-
4# only record trace data for allmydata.*
5source =
6       allmydata
7# and don't trace the test files themselves, or generated files
8omit =
9     */allmydata/test/*
10     */allmydata/
11parallel = True
12branch = True
15show_missing = True
16skip_covered = True
19source =
20# It looks like this in the checkout
21    src/
22# It looks like this in the GitHub Actions Windows build environment
23    D:/a/tahoe-lafs/tahoe-lafs/.tox/py*-coverage/Lib/site-packages/
24# Although sometimes it looks like this instead.  Also it looks like this on macOS.
25    .tox/py*-coverage/lib/python*/site-packages/
26# On some Linux CI jobs it looks like this
27    /tmp/tahoe-lafs.tox/py*-coverage/lib/python*/site-packages/
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