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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
release-tools 1aa3d08   2018-05-29T19:17:32Z meejah refactor more
static 9b8b7a5d   2020-10-21T14:16:44Z exarkun Remove Nevow from the static script
nix cebd0f5   2021-03-16T19:06:51Z exarkun Switch back to the full test suite
.circleci 70291cd   2021-03-19T19:55:19Z sajith Add "docs" job to CircleCI workflow
docs 72a3709   2021-04-17T22:24:22Z jaraco Remove ToC entry for account server.
.github 8902868   2021-05-05T17:15:29Z itamar Skip Windows Python 3 for now.
integration 4711c9f   2021-05-07T13:44:44Z itamar More flake fixes.
misc 4711c9f   2021-05-07T13:44:44Z itamar More flake fixes.
newsfragments 15399b8   2021-05-07T17:26:14Z itamar News file.
src 1fbeb6e   2021-05-07T17:43:20Z itamar It's gone.
Tahoe.home 72 bytes dc573554   2007-10-11T10:38:24Z warner rename bin/allmydata-tahoe to bin/tahoe. Closes #155.
COPYING.GPL 23.7 KB ed0eca7   2011-08-19T20:48:36Z david-sarah Fix repeated 'the' in license text.
COPYING.TGPPL.rst 16.9 KB 82579ce   2013-11-08T21:08:05Z zooko magic first line tells emacs to use utf8+bom Add ".. -*- coding: …
Dockerfile 146 bytes b5d16f07   2016-09-26T22:19:04Z warner Remove $HOME/.cache/ directory after building. 333 bytes 9da041c   2017-01-19T00:28:23Z warner include missing files Oops, we didn't include …
docker-compose.yml 1.4 KB 58a023e4   2017-09-19T16:25:39Z warner add dockerfile for hacking with docker compose file for local environment 1.4 KB 58a023e4   2017-09-19T16:25:39Z warner add dockerfile for hacking with docker compose file for local environment 2.1 KB 9ec2259   2019-03-21T19:00:02Z exarkun move to different url
relnotes.txt 6.4 KB 8f983cb   2020-03-11T23:38:03Z meejah bump version to 1.14.0 and update release notes
NEWS.rst 144.1 KB eff5df1   2020-03-12T00:41:32Z meejah update title
pyinstaller.spec 2.4 KB 6d4ce3b   2020-07-03T17:44:47Z itamar Additional hidden imports due to use of Future.
setup.cfg 456 bytes f0ddda9   2020-08-04T01:14:55Z chad Add a codecheck for tabs in indentation
.gitignore 846 bytes 2268293   2020-09-30T14:37:52Z me test(vcs): Reconcile devel docs from PR #798
.coveragerc 725 bytes 6908b3e   2020-10-14T17:10:23Z exarkun This is probably a better way to handle multiple Python versions
.pre-commit-config.yaml 212 bytes 38dd0d1b   2020-11-19T16:12:08Z exarkun Only run codechecks on changed Python source files
mypy.ini 62 bytes ab545855   2020-11-29T18:57:46Z jaraco Incorporate mypy-zope to support zope interfaces.
Makefile 8.0 KB 272d6d0   2020-12-01T14:55:17Z exarkun Update developer docs wrt pre-commit
README.rst 6.3 KB b06730b   2021-01-06T22:46:58Z exarkun Add the badge
CREDITS 5.1 KB 11abf53   2021-01-09T13:44:10Z git credits to Lukas Pirl (buildslaves)
towncrier.pyproject.toml 1.5 KB 0d2f282   2021-04-02T22:19:33Z sajith Give documentation its own towncrier category 16.5 KB fa0ec99   2021-05-05T15:43:59Z itamar Maybe newer Twisted is OK, IOCP was supposedly moved out.
CONTRIBUTORS.rst 1.6 KB 9c7f9432   2021-05-07T14:10:24Z mayleesia Add suggestion for Tahoe Committers
tox.ini 11.1 KB ad05abd   2021-05-07T17:25:57Z itamar Just run unit tests normally on Python 3.
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