source: trunk/newsfragments

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
1432.feature 42 bytes fa3a48b   2019-03-14T15:23:16Z exarkun news fragment
1827.removed 63 bytes c1fa72bb   2020-01-17T14:14:30Z exarkun news fragment
1893.minor 0 bytes 5c418ba   2019-08-14T16:28:37Z exarkun news fragment
2098.removed 64 bytes ab4c942   2020-01-20T16:44:04Z exarkun mention zbase32 as well
2266.minor 0 bytes 9a508ad   2020-01-13T20:29:34Z exarkun news fragment
2283.minor 0 bytes 30146ed   2019-08-13T22:54:38Z exarkun news fragment
2392.removed 54 bytes af6513c   2020-01-17T15:59:17Z exarkun news fragment
2479.other 51 bytes d84f346   2019-06-25T17:33:58Z exarkun news fragment
2749.installation 219 bytes c76fc6d   2019-08-13T18:09:33Z exarkun news fragment
2766.minor 0 bytes aabfa66   2019-08-13T17:56:08Z exarkun news fragment
2771.other 48 bytes d5d507a   2020-01-17T16:45:02Z exarkun news fragment
2870.bugfix 54 bytes d6aeae0   2018-09-11T03:58:27Z meejah newsfragment
2908.other 57 bytes b07f36b   2018-08-06T14:28:45Z exarkun Add a news fragment.
2920.other 47 bytes a652a92   2018-08-22T12:44:36Z exarkun add newsfragment
2933.other 101 bytes b10bd2e   2018-08-07T19:37:52Z exarkun Add a news fragment
2935.bugfix 64 bytes 0cf7148   2018-08-20T19:25:23Z meejah add a newsfragment
2936.bugfix 56 bytes cc4e6b9   2018-08-25T08:12:02Z meejah add newsfragment
2941.bugfix 56 bytes d4f909f   2020-01-09T19:26:42Z exarkun less implementation specific
2942.feature 59 bytes 972f6eb   2019-04-09T21:00:12Z meejah newfragment
2944.bugfix 59 bytes 2824ca4   2018-09-04T18:41:01Z meejah newsfragment
2950.bugfix 130 bytes 7ac0b93   2019-04-26T19:40:21Z arda Specify news fragment for 2950
2955.feature 79 bytes 96d6739   2019-01-23T16:18:26Z exarkun news fragments
2955.removed 85 bytes 96d6739   2019-01-23T16:18:26Z exarkun news fragments
2956.other 77 bytes f0a053d   2019-01-23T17:33:08Z exarkun news fragment
2957.installation 48 bytes 49cbdf8   2019-01-23T19:24:36Z exarkun news fragment
2958.other 74 bytes bad1411   2019-01-25T15:45:44Z exarkun news fragment
2959.other 78 bytes e23a017   2019-01-24T21:38:01Z exarkun news fragment
2960.other 65 bytes 414f84e   2019-01-24T15:37:55Z exarkun news fragment
2961.other 72 bytes cdf6e90   2019-01-25T22:01:33Z exarkun news fragment
2962.other 60 bytes b9f9079   2019-01-26T15:02:08Z exarkun news fragment
2965.bugfix 228 bytes b76d23e   2019-03-18T20:36:48Z exarkun news fragment
2966.other 61 bytes 644fd04   2019-01-31T13:16:57Z exarkun news fragment
2967.other 69 bytes aeea924   2019-01-31T00:24:15Z exarkun news fragment
2968.other 100 bytes a26d7f9   2019-02-05T16:12:37Z exarkun news fragment
2969.other 107 bytes 02890fb2   2019-02-15T17:58:20Z exarkun news fragment
2970.other 73 bytes 9b2bc66   2019-02-15T18:39:25Z exarkun news fragment
2971.other 60 bytes b9fc08a   2019-02-15T18:57:56Z exarkun news fragment
2972.feature 208 bytes fc62fd3   2019-02-25T13:35:57Z exarkun news fragment
2973.other 97 bytes 730d2d9   2019-02-21T17:50:26Z exarkun news fragment
2974.other 46 bytes 69350d1   2019-02-21T20:21:22Z exarkun news fragment
2975.feature 203 bytes da75d43   2019-02-25T18:45:18Z exarkun news fragment
2976.bugfix 99 bytes 8e0e136c   2019-02-25T18:59:35Z exarkun Remove the attempt at grouping the subcommands. The change to Twisted …
2977.other 66 bytes 2b9e678   2019-02-26T18:45:39Z exarkun news fragment
2980.minor 0 bytes 1b55a7f   2019-02-27T11:37:28Z exarkun news fragment
2981.other 0 bytes e84e815   2019-03-04T15:24:16Z exarkun news fragment
2982.other 0 bytes 4ec6e59   2019-03-04T15:47:29Z exarkun news fragment
2985.minor 0 bytes a55506f5   2019-03-07T17:33:58Z exarkun news fragment
2986.minor 0 bytes a37085eb   2019-03-07T17:55:20Z exarkun News fragment
2987.minor 0 bytes 3a49523   2019-03-07T18:06:14Z exarkun news fragment
2988.minor 0 bytes 089c8d5   2019-03-07T18:49:52Z exarkun news fragment
2989.minor 0 bytes 154f9dc   2019-03-07T23:38:52Z exarkun news fragment
2990.minor 0 bytes a4c8c15   2019-03-08T16:58:05Z exarkun news fragment
2991.minor 0 bytes 7e4a69e   2019-03-08T17:17:46Z exarkun news fragment
2992.minor 0 bytes 5f2d74e   2019-03-08T19:15:20Z exarkun some simple tests
2995.minor 0 bytes 5f049cf   2019-03-14T17:14:21Z exarkun news fragment
2997.bugfix 80 bytes cc5ebd2   2019-03-13T16:58:39Z exarkun news fragment
3000.minor 0 bytes fd49f6f   2019-03-14T15:54:26Z exarkun news fragment
3001.other 105 bytes 838610df   2019-03-28T11:32:13Z heartsucker added news fragment for python3 syntax checker
3002.other 90 bytes 55f8408   2019-03-22T10:41:16Z heartsucker use print function over print statement in ./misc/ directory
3003.other 86 bytes 11fe8b0   2019-03-15T17:11:13Z exarkun news fragment
3004.minor 0 bytes 411a118   2019-03-15T19:14:52Z exarkun news fragment
3005.minor 0 bytes 9bace08d   2019-03-20T16:53:24Z exarkun news fragment
3006.feature 99 bytes 7c79f69   2019-03-21T19:02:16Z exarkun news fragment
3007.minor 0 bytes 163cbd7   2019-03-20T19:55:54Z exarkun news fragment
3008.other 83 bytes df9243a   2019-03-22T16:32:36Z heartsucker updated test code to use print function over print statement
3009.other 69 bytes fc41782   2019-03-24T13:10:02Z heartsucker replaced print statement with print fuction for all tahoe_* scripts
3010.other 81 bytes 64f4dfa   2019-03-24T13:14:00Z heartsucker replaced all remaining instances of the print statement with the print …
3011.other 41 bytes dbfcf8a   2019-03-28T11:31:37Z heartsucker replaced StringIO imports with six.moves
3012.minor 0 bytes 7cfcf839   2019-03-25T19:44:02Z exarkun news fragment
3013.other 85 bytes 0750dba   2019-04-04T09:57:58Z heartsucker updated all python files to use pep-3110 exception syntax for python3 …
3014.other 47 bytes ae5e282   2019-04-05T09:39:10Z heartsucker update raise syntax for python3 compatibility
3015.other 87 bytes 129ef22   2019-03-29T10:08:44Z heartsucker updated instances of octal literals to use the format 0o123 for …
3016.other 158 bytes 6dc487b   2019-03-28T19:14:57Z exarkun News fragment
3017.minor 0 bytes d430f6b   2019-03-28T20:10:54Z exarkun news fragment
3019.other 88 bytes a087a5b   2019-04-18T11:37:18Z heartsucker removed tuple unpacking in function definitons for python3 compatibility
3020.other 65 bytes f4ff91a   2019-04-03T08:04:02Z heartsucker updated python2 long numeric literals for python3 compatibility
3021.minor 0 bytes cd16b92   2019-04-01T16:54:24Z exarkun news fragment
3023.minor 0 bytes b61f438   2019-04-03T14:32:40Z exarkun news fragment
3024.other 99 bytes 37ece9d   2019-04-03T17:16:59Z exarkun news fragment
3025.minor 0 bytes bc00513   2019-05-02T16:51:06Z exarkun news fragment
3026.minor 0 bytes 123e248   2019-04-16T15:32:29Z exarkun news fragment
3027.other 64 bytes c0939e9   2019-04-18T11:50:21Z heartsucker removed use of backticks for repr for python3 compatibility
3028.other 57 bytes 05e0d19   2019-04-25T09:18:33Z heartsucker updated string literal syntax for python3 compatibility
3029.minor 0 bytes 083971d   2019-05-09T00:42:17Z meejah news fragment
3030.other 54 bytes bade09c   2019-05-03T16:12:57Z heartsucker enforce python3 syntax
3031.other 39 bytes ec01e97   2019-06-24T17:21:19Z meejah newsfragment minor -> other
3036.minor 0 bytes f350cc6   2019-05-09T00:38:40Z meejah news fragment
3038.minor 0 bytes 8368a72   2019-05-09T21:45:07Z meejah news fragment
3041.feature 49 bytes 3543d9f   2019-05-30T23:30:28Z meejah newsfragment
3042.other 42 bytes 14453f2a   2019-05-26T06:28:18Z 1172976+tpltnt added newsfragment about porting classes
3043.other 135 bytes 938c8fe   2019-05-22T08:31:08Z 1172976+tpltnt added newsfragment
3048.minor 0 bytes 4a149cd   2019-05-31T15:09:17Z exarkun news fragment
3049.feature 122 bytes de1b488   2019-08-03T09:33:01Z exarkun news fragment
3051.feature 137 bytes 053b4c86   2019-06-13T16:54:04Z exarkun news fragment
3053.feature 128 bytes a968725   2019-08-03T09:34:21Z exarkun news fragment
3054.feature 142 bytes 7e685c4   2019-08-03T10:39:31Z exarkun this typo, so much design flaw in english
3086.minor 0 bytes 4216bd6   2019-08-03T09:33:01Z exarkun news fragment
3097.minor 0 bytes 8060be5   2019-08-03T09:34:21Z exarkun news fragment
3111.minor 0 bytes 96a17e2e   2019-06-26T14:58:57Z exarkun news fragment
3118.minor 0 bytes 351c7ba   2019-10-16T23:58:15Z exarkun news fragment
3119.minor 0 bytes 016e18ac   2019-08-03T10:19:01Z exarkun news fragment
3152.other 106 bytes 40e29b7   2019-09-16T13:21:18Z exarkun news fragment
3184.feature 163 bytes 95b2f6cf   2019-08-03T10:39:31Z exarkun news fragment
3227.minor 0 bytes 0970759   2019-08-24T18:32:43Z meejah probably users don't care?
3228.bugfix 85 bytes a1a8d13   2019-07-16T01:45:08Z meejah newsfragment
3229.minor 0 bytes 88ddd67   2019-07-16T18:03:18Z chris Add news fragment
3232.minor 0 bytes 3d624ec   2019-08-03T00:28:30Z exarkun news fragment
3233.minor 0 bytes e03ca27   2019-08-02T22:50:45Z exarkun news fragment
3234.other 52 bytes 899fae5   2019-08-07T20:42:26Z meejah misc -> other
3235.feature 73 bytes 0bab084   2019-08-08T23:42:00Z meejah newsfragment
3237.minor 62 bytes 8436acc   2019-08-09T03:55:24Z meejah newsfragment
3238.minor 0 bytes 79c99e1   2019-08-13T20:16:48Z exarkun news fragment
3239.minor 0 bytes 5044f03a   2019-08-13T20:55:58Z exarkun news fragment
3240.minor 0 bytes deb7216   2019-08-14T18:48:36Z exarkun more appropriate like this now
3242.minor 0 bytes 724aced   2019-08-19T15:20:43Z exarkun news fragment
3243.minor 0 bytes 972c1c7   2019-08-19T15:26:24Z exarkun news fragment
3245.minor 0 bytes 489d0b1   2019-08-19T17:13:31Z _ Wrong ticket number..
3246.minor 0 bytes 9aa6386   2019-08-19T18:57:45Z _ Add a stub news fragment.
3248.minor 0 bytes 06d9e34   2019-08-19T19:09:30Z exarkun news fragment
3250.minor 0 bytes 06e9d93   2019-08-20T13:30:40Z exarkun news fragment
3252.minor 0 bytes 1700c3f   2019-09-27T17:51:03Z meejah newsfragment
3255.minor 0 bytes f059327   2019-09-17T15:36:31Z exarkun news fragment
3256.minor 0 bytes 12310b4   2019-09-16T14:21:32Z exarkun news fragment
3259.minor 0 bytes 6299322   2019-10-03T18:15:57Z chris Add news fragment
3261.minor 0 bytes bfeff6e   2019-10-16T19:20:32Z exarkun news fragment
3262.minor 0 bytes f86dd90   2019-10-29T13:02:10Z exarkun news fragment
3263.minor 0 bytes 0015fdf   2019-12-21T10:57:00Z meejah news
3264.minor 0 bytes 0dd7b27   2019-11-08T19:12:08Z exarkun news fragment
3265.minor 0 bytes 414e897   2019-11-19T17:56:17Z exarkun news fragment
3266.other 46 bytes 5323df8   2019-12-13T15:48:34Z exarkun news fragment
3267.minor 0 bytes 854e83c   2019-12-18T20:31:30Z exarkun news fragment
3268.minor 0 bytes 010a14a   2019-12-18T20:24:21Z exarkun news fragment
3271.minor 0 bytes 4d1a195   2020-01-13T15:57:06Z exarkun news fragment
3272.minor 0 bytes 83bbd03   2020-01-13T15:54:24Z exarkun news fragment
3273.removed 163 bytes ac69937   2020-01-15T19:24:06Z exarkun news fragment
3276.minor 0 bytes 6d3461d   2020-01-20T16:35:53Z exarkun news fragment
.gitignore 0 bytes f71bbff8   2018-08-06T14:13:16Z exarkun Basic towncrier skeleton
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