source: trunk/newsfragments

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
1549.installation 110 bytes ff8906e   2020-11-19T14:34:17Z exarkun Describe the installation requirement change
1792.feature 33 bytes d06127c   2020-05-05T03:59:15Z meejah news
2755.other 61 bytes 07064f0   2020-07-09T20:05:31Z sajith news fragment
2928.minor 0 bytes c2dd4db   2020-10-22T18:42:21Z exarkun news fragment
3247.minor 0 bytes 0423e49   2020-07-09T20:05:30Z sajith Add news fragment
3254.minor 0 bytes bd799d9   2020-05-23T02:18:58Z sajith Add newsfragment
3263.other 0 bytes 7c27f29   2020-04-18T07:52:17Z meejah news
3277.minor 0 bytes 5862e1b   2020-02-21T03:19:21Z sajith Use GitHub? Actions for CI. Fixes: ticket:3277
3278.minor 0 bytes 7d0d4c5   2020-05-04T22:54:43Z meejah newsfragment
3283.minor 0 bytes 3bc015ad   2020-02-10T20:24:17Z exarkun news fragment
3284.removed 197 bytes 461f42e7   2020-02-13T15:14:25Z exarkun news fragment
3287.minor 0 bytes 100c4b1   2020-07-09T20:05:31Z sajith Add newsfragment
3288.minor 0 bytes 19e40e2   2020-05-14T20:09:54Z sajith Add newsfragment
3289.minor 0 bytes a4bc31a1   2020-05-11T15:43:04Z sajith Add newsfragment
3290.minor 0 bytes a39f6d3   2020-05-07T20:40:55Z sajith Add newsfragment
3291.minor 0 bytes 1602c66   2020-05-06T13:06:56Z sajith Render map update status using twisted.web.template Fixes: ticket:3291
3292.minor 0 bytes 225bb58   2020-04-21T15:53:48Z sajith Add empty news fragment re. Statistics page rendering
3293.minor 0 bytes 03f5ae2   2020-04-22T22:02:33Z sajith Add newsfragment
3294.minor 0 bytes a14cee5   2020-04-17T19:44:39Z sajith Remove nevow from allmydata.web.root.IncidentReporter? This change …
3296.installation 65 bytes 757dd61   2020-04-13T14:11:36Z exarkun news fragment
3297.minor 0 bytes 03dfb10   2020-04-13T14:37:24Z exarkun news fragment
3298.minor 0 bytes 333ca2a   2020-04-13T15:01:33Z exarkun news fragment
3299.minor 0 bytes 6e6cdb3   2020-04-14T20:29:17Z sajith Add newsfragment
3300.minor 0 bytes 2c6b402   2020-04-13T16:20:03Z exarkun news fragment
3302.minor 0 bytes 47bef60   2020-04-14T12:41:10Z exarkun news fragment
3303.minor 0 bytes d308577   2020-04-16T12:24:31Z exarkun Fixes: ticket:3303
3304.minor 0 bytes d27e5e0   2020-04-24T23:04:21Z sajith Add newsfragment
3305.minor 0 bytes df88672   2020-05-04T15:52:07Z sajith Add newsfragment
3306.minor 0 bytes edd4cab   2020-05-05T15:51:28Z sajith Replace nevow with twisted.web in test.web.test_grid
3308.minor 0 bytes 3fad9a1   2020-05-12T11:40:22Z sajith Remove web.common.RenderMixin? Fixes: ticket:3308
3309.minor 0 bytes b1d7e99   2020-05-12T22:15:17Z sajith Try running PyInstaller?-generated binary in GitHub? Actions
3312.bugfix 32 bytes 1fd220db   2020-07-09T20:05:29Z sajith Update newsfragment text
3313.minor 63 bytes df01c655   2020-06-18T22:38:24Z sajith Add newsfragment
3314.minor 0 bytes e7c04f8   2020-10-19T19:41:38Z exarkun another news fragment!
3315.minor 61 bytes 88accc2   2020-07-09T20:05:29Z sajith Update newsfragment
3316.minor 74 bytes c8d218f   2020-06-18T01:18:14Z sajith Add newsfragment
3317.feature 110 bytes ced9bde   2020-07-09T20:05:29Z sajith different words for news
3320.minor 0 bytes 9b68b48   2020-06-22T20:32:26Z sajith Run integration tests on Windows on GitHub? Actions Integration tests …
3323.removed 61 bytes 0f65d10   2020-08-11T17:25:08Z exarkun news fragment
3324.other 0 bytes b77807c   2020-07-02T18:29:15Z itamar News entry.
3325.minor 0 bytes 1f4cf40   2020-07-16T19:25:32Z itamar Use minor for these sort of tickets.
3326.minor 0 bytes f0ddda9   2020-08-04T01:14:55Z chad Add a codecheck for tabs in indentation
3328.installation 37 bytes 083be5f   2020-08-07T19:40:19Z exarkun news fragment
3329.minor 0 bytes 1f4cf40   2020-07-16T19:25:32Z itamar Use minor for these sort of tickets.
3330.minor 0 bytes c942064   2020-07-17T16:42:41Z exarkun Stop using TravisCI for Python 2.7/Linux test coverage
3331.minor 0 bytes f3780cd4   2020-07-17T16:43:39Z exarkun Stop using TravisCI for Python 2.7/macOS test coverage
3332.minor 0 bytes 0803aef   2020-07-17T16:44:19Z exarkun Stop using TravisCI for pyinstaller/macOS test coverage
3333.minor 0 bytes 82a4fca   2020-07-17T16:45:05Z exarkun Stop using TravisCI for coverage/Linux test coverage
3334.minor 0 bytes 1b491f2   2020-07-17T16:45:50Z exarkun Stop using TravisCI for codechecks/Linux test coverage
3335.minor 0 bytes 16c8026   2020-07-17T16:46:23Z exarkun Stop using TravisCI for pyinstaller/Linux test coverage
3336.minor 0 bytes a47bd93   2020-08-03T21:12:15Z exarkun news fragment
3338.minor 0 bytes 133e1bfb   2020-07-09T20:05:31Z sajith news fragment
3339.minor 0 bytes 1f4cf40   2020-07-16T19:25:32Z itamar Use minor for these sort of tickets.
3340.minor 0 bytes 1f4cf40   2020-07-16T19:25:32Z itamar Use minor for these sort of tickets.
3341.minor 0 bytes 1f4cf40   2020-07-16T19:25:32Z itamar Use minor for these sort of tickets.
3342.minor 0 bytes 1f4cf40   2020-07-16T19:25:32Z itamar Use minor for these sort of tickets.
3343.minor 0 bytes 1f4cf40   2020-07-16T19:25:32Z itamar Use minor for these sort of tickets.
3344.minor 0 bytes e77ab46   2020-07-16T19:28:39Z itamar Correct type.
3346.minor 0 bytes 31ed6b0   2020-07-23T15:37:56Z itamar News fragment.
3348.bugfix 98 bytes e4e59c7   2020-07-21T14:44:49Z sajith Use a Chutney revision that works with Python 2
3349.bugfix 41 bytes 8cdfcb1c   2020-07-21T15:40:06Z meejah news
3351.minor 0 bytes 13306f7   2020-07-22T14:01:26Z itamar News file.
3353.minor 0 bytes 04bf9ae   2020-07-22T14:30:13Z itamar News file.
3354.minor 1 bytes 64e4af2d   2020-07-22T17:17:49Z itamar Port to Python 3.
3355.other 106 bytes 6422dba   2020-08-27T14:39:49Z exarkun Say some words about this change
3356.minor 0 bytes f9bda5b   2020-07-27T15:46:22Z itamar News file.
3357.minor 1 bytes 337a438   2020-07-24T18:31:36Z itamar Finish port to Python 3.
3358.minor 0 bytes da87bd7   2020-07-29T19:03:05Z fijall news fragment
3359.minor 0 bytes 058a76d   2020-07-27T19:58:28Z itamar Ratchet, and news file.
3361.minor 0 bytes 5e30826   2020-07-29T18:49:48Z itamar Port to Python 3.
3364.minor 0 bytes d71951e   2020-08-03T15:00:09Z itamar News fragment.
3365.minor 0 bytes 2a623e0   2020-08-03T18:13:16Z itamar Port to Python 3.
3366.minor 0 bytes 2a6cd8e   2020-08-04T01:19:26Z chad Get tox -e codechecks to work (on macOS?) Without this, git fails …
3367.minor 0 bytes 2cc21e98   2020-08-24T17:57:46Z itamar Finish the port.
3368.minor 0 bytes b8df1728   2020-08-05T15:54:09Z itamar News file. Not bothering with explanation since the regression was …
3370.minor 0 bytes d8f7477   2020-08-06T20:38:19Z itamar Port to Python 3.
3372.minor 1 bytes 60078ce4   2020-08-13T10:23:45Z chad Satisfy towncrier
3373.minor 0 bytes 1308fc4   2020-08-07T15:51:43Z itamar Ratchet and news file.
3374.minor 0 bytes 017104f   2020-08-07T17:11:24Z itamar News file.
3375.minor 0 bytes fdfa95e   2020-08-10T13:59:28Z exarkun news fragment
3376.minor 0 bytes 7505abe8   2020-08-12T19:59:00Z itamar News file and ratchet (connection_status stuff is... iffy, but we have …
3377.minor 0 bytes 2772980   2020-08-11T19:51:27Z itamar News file and ratchet.
3378.minor 0 bytes 01ba0d0   2020-08-17T17:30:12Z itamar News file.
3380.minor 0 bytes 41fe4050   2020-08-14T17:09:56Z exarkun news fragment
3381.minor 0 bytes 0de92a2   2020-08-18T12:38:55Z sajith Add newsfragment
3382.minor 0 bytes d5853ccb   2020-08-18T12:48:02Z sajith Remove web.common.MultiFormatPage?
3383.minor 0 bytes ed2f6bf   2020-08-18T17:12:05Z itamar News file.
3384.minor 0 bytes 5a543fd   2020-12-29T18:35:33Z exarkun news fragment
3386.minor 0 bytes 8279be38   2020-08-19T17:25:11Z itamar Finish porting to Python 3.
3387.minor 0 bytes e5b9852   2020-08-20T17:05:25Z itamar News file.
3388.minor 0 bytes 9bdc085   2020-08-20T17:20:56Z exarkun news fragment
3389.minor 0 bytes a9fa70c   2020-08-21T19:55:39Z sajith Add upper bound for attrs library
3391.minor 0 bytes da57a7f   2020-08-22T12:14:08Z sajith Add codecov settings
3392.minor 0 bytes fa36fb9   2020-08-22T20:47:19Z sajith Remove unused allmydata.test.common_web.WebRenderingMixin?
3393.minor 0 bytes 57fdead1   2020-08-22T21:21:24Z sajith Remove allmydata.web._nevow_106
3394.minor 0 bytes bc5a873   2020-08-24T15:35:58Z jaraco Adding null newsfragment (changes are internal and subsumed by larger …
3395.minor 0 bytes 431e939   2020-08-26T14:38:52Z itamar Finish porting test_storage_web to Python 3.
3396.minor 0 bytes 063ee18   2020-09-01T16:45:32Z itamar News fragment.
3397.minor 0 bytes 3fa9198   2020-08-31T17:20:57Z itamar Finish port to Python 3.
3398.minor 61 bytes fd490477   2020-09-03T22:48:16Z jaraco Add news fragment.
3399.feature 86 bytes 9780f8b   2020-12-26T18:24:09Z jaraco Add newsfragment
3401.minor 0 bytes 38f5a9c   2020-09-04T16:05:31Z itamar Disable coverage on pypy, in the hopes of making it less flaky.
3403.minor 0 bytes 810c7ee   2020-09-08T20:31:57Z sajith Pin Pyrsistent at a Python 2.7 compatible version
3406.minor 0 bytes 91a5c8c   2020-09-14T12:26:47Z chad Satisfy towncrier
3408.minor 0 bytes a7034de   2020-09-11T18:51:02Z jaraco Add empty newsfragment.
3409.minor 0 bytes 6f5c32c4   2020-09-11T18:51:20Z itamar News fragment.
3411.minor 0 bytes 6ffda25   2020-09-11T19:04:52Z itamar News fragment.
3415.minor 0 bytes 72f7249   2020-09-14T18:48:39Z itamar News fragment.
3416.minor 0 bytes 596c4cec   2020-09-15T18:14:41Z itamar News file.
3417.minor 0 bytes f578b85   2020-09-28T15:56:15Z itamar News file.
3421.minor 65 bytes 2645675   2020-09-23T17:31:42Z me build(make): Exclude changelog entry from NEWS This includes only …
3422.minor 0 bytes 8f3a32a2   2020-09-18T18:49:39Z exarkun news fragment
3423.minor 0 bytes 199fbfc   2020-09-21T17:24:01Z sajith Return error pages when an exception is raised in filenode
3424.minor 0 bytes e8f7643   2020-09-21T20:26:51Z sajith Return ErrorPage? when web.operations raises an exception
3425.minor 0 bytes c16cf00   2020-09-21T20:37:36Z sajith Return an error page when an exception is raised from web.root
3426.minor 0 bytes 20101f8   2020-09-21T20:51:27Z sajith Return ErrorPage? when an exception is raised in web.status
3427.minor 0 bytes 0f118bdd   2020-09-22T16:23:40Z sajith Return error page from unlinked
3428.minor 0 bytes 28505ab   2020-10-16T14:38:58Z exarkun news fragment
3429.minor 0 bytes 18e56e4   2020-09-21T22:18:29Z sajith Return error page when an exception is raised from web.check_results
3430.minor 0 bytes 5fbbb5b   2020-09-23T19:21:47Z itamar News file.
3431.minor 0 bytes 0b6b4b6   2020-09-22T12:36:39Z chad Port test_immutable to Python 3
3432.minor 0 bytes e2013e9e   2020-10-21T14:17:43Z exarkun news fragment
3433.installation 38 bytes e028c696   2020-10-21T14:03:38Z exarkun News fragment
3434.minor 0 bytes 9b8b7a5d   2020-10-21T14:16:44Z exarkun Remove Nevow from the static script
3435.minor 0 bytes 5f10f1e   2020-10-21T14:17:21Z exarkun Remove Nevow from the tool version helper
3436.minor 0 bytes 22a1721   2020-09-23T01:05:17Z sajith Remove unused web.common.getxmlfile()
3437.minor 0 bytes d8c5e8b4   2020-09-23T19:39:19Z itamar News file.
3438.minor 0 bytes f13390d   2020-09-25T13:26:56Z exarkun news fragment
3439.minor 0 bytes 4784d2c   2020-09-24T15:06:47Z itamar News fragment.
3440.minor 0 bytes 67adb930   2020-09-24T14:23:34Z exarkun news fragment
3442.minor 41 bytes a8ef046   2020-09-24T18:44:38Z me build(news): Fix missing ChangeLog? entry
3443.minor 0 bytes 2314a9f2   2020-09-25T15:06:54Z exarkun add a test for referrer-policy
3446.minor 0 bytes 21e3b35   2020-09-25T18:03:25Z itamar Finish porting to Python 3.
3448.minor 59 bytes 362c121   2020-09-30T15:47:02Z me feat(py3): Convert unicode-only modules to str Modules that reference …
3449.minor 0 bytes 64516aa   2020-09-28T14:20:00Z itamar Port to Python 3.
3450.minor 0 bytes a0a8b44   2020-09-28T20:49:51Z itamar News file.
3451.minor 0 bytes bfc0d9f   2020-09-29T14:51:44Z itamar News file.
3452.minor 0 bytes a8b00085   2020-09-29T15:23:05Z itamar News file.
3453.minor 0 bytes 02acd9d   2020-09-29T17:47:27Z itamar News file.
3454.minor 0 bytes d9efb9b   2020-09-30T15:11:33Z exarkun news fragment
3455.minor 45 bytes f1da68f   2020-10-05T04:52:27Z me feat(py3): Fix config from string compatibility I did an audit of the …
3456.minor 0 bytes 9ecf9f12   2020-10-01T02:21:59Z chad Let's start here, for once
3458.minor 0 bytes 5899cfd   2020-10-01T14:48:09Z itamar Fix callRemote unicode issues on Python 2 universally, using …
3459.minor 0 bytes a4ce3b4   2020-10-05T15:01:37Z itamar News fragment.
3460.minor 0 bytes 7fd6a9e   2020-10-02T15:24:35Z exarkun news fragment
3462.minor 0 bytes 1a9c423   2020-10-06T15:14:43Z itamar News file
3463.minor 0 bytes a7e5847   2020-10-07T13:30:26Z itamar News file.
3464.minor 58 bytes 95f2d53f   2020-10-07T19:28:41Z me chore(refs #3455) Address feedback, BBB comments …
3465.minor 0 bytes 4c4f7f8   2020-11-04T18:41:00Z itamar News file.
3466.minor 0 bytes 574c63d   2020-10-12T11:25:44Z chad Port immutable.offloaded to Python 3
3467.minor 0 bytes a0963fc   2020-10-13T12:39:25Z chad Keep future.builtins imports consistent - remove int from a stock …
3468.minor 0 bytes 0eb0d68   2020-10-14T14:58:50Z exarkun news fragment
3470.minor 0 bytes 0dcbad9   2020-10-14T14:57:06Z exarkun news fragment
3471.minor 0 bytes 91a20459   2020-10-14T15:09:01Z exarkun news fragment
3472.minor 0 bytes fbe15cb5   2020-10-14T16:46:17Z exarkun news fragment
3473.minor 0 bytes 03fcc0c   2020-10-14T19:46:51Z itamar News file.
3474.minor 0 bytes d04b6c1   2020-10-28T18:57:10Z chad Pick off a couple of easy ports
3475.minor 0 bytes 7569617   2020-11-06T15:21:47Z itamar News file.
3477.minor 0 bytes 525f220   2020-10-15T18:17:53Z sajith Do not install vcpython27 during Windows CI steps With zfec 1.5.4, …
3478.minor 1 bytes bd5887d4   2020-10-15T20:56:44Z meejah news
3479.minor 0 bytes ea03927   2020-10-30T16:33:49Z chad Put news fragment in its place
3481.minor 0 bytes 960d115   2020-10-16T15:25:37Z exarkun news fragment
3482.minor 0 bytes 540004f   2020-10-16T18:18:32Z exarkun news fragment
3483.minor 0 bytes 8239d92   2020-10-22T16:04:48Z exarkun news fragment
3485.minor 0 bytes 7ed3416   2020-10-26T20:08:38Z itamar News file.
3486.installation 137 bytes ed5d472   2020-10-23T13:52:07Z exarkun news fragment
3488.minor 0 bytes 8dec56d   2020-10-23T18:53:00Z exarkun news fragment
3490.minor 0 bytes 900c25c   2020-10-27T13:29:13Z exarkun news fragment
3491.minor 0 bytes caf6067   2020-10-27T16:56:47Z meejah news
3492.minor 0 bytes 463439a   2020-10-27T18:27:02Z exarkun news fragment
3493.minor 0 bytes c48228a   2020-10-29T18:09:39Z itamar News file.
3496.minor 0 bytes 56c9af0   2020-11-06T16:44:13Z itamar News file.
3497.installation 153 bytes 94a1ae7   2020-11-25T15:41:56Z noreply fix word-o
3499.minor 0 bytes 80f31c3   2020-11-07T01:06:48Z chad Sigh
3500.minor 0 bytes 0e9d75f   2020-11-11T18:52:30Z itamar News fragment.
3501.minor 0 bytes 8aa77e1   2020-11-11T19:01:16Z itamar News fragment.
3502.minor 0 bytes a0845d8   2020-11-12T16:25:03Z itamar News fragment.
3503.other 159 bytes 983800d   2020-11-13T17:35:03Z exarkun news fragment
3504.configuration 119 bytes bcef851   2020-11-14T02:08:19Z exarkun news fragment
3509.bugfix 55 bytes 9b8b0b19   2020-11-17T14:33:44Z itamar News fragment.
3510.bugfix 63 bytes dd5092f   2020-11-17T18:15:52Z itamar News fragment.
3511.minor 0 bytes aedac9d   2020-11-18T16:02:58Z exarkun news fragment
3513.minor 0 bytes fefc91e   2020-11-18T19:48:33Z exarkun news fragment
3514.minor 0 bytes 0d652a3   2020-11-20T19:06:31Z itamar News file.
3515.minor 0 bytes c4a67d6   2020-11-19T16:12:21Z exarkun news fragment
3517.minor 0 bytes 45a83513   2020-11-20T21:02:50Z exarkun news fragment
3518.removed 193 bytes d03dece   2020-11-23T20:14:12Z exarkun news fragment
3520.minor 0 bytes 737f1f2   2020-11-24T19:04:35Z exarkun news fragment
3521.minor 0 bytes 80d2ecb   2020-11-24T19:52:17Z exarkun news fragment
3522.minor 0 bytes dea42c4   2020-12-06T16:03:31Z exarkun news fragment
3523.minor 0 bytes 8b890d2   2020-12-09T16:02:29Z exarkun extra news fragments
3524.minor 0 bytes 8b890d2   2020-12-09T16:02:29Z exarkun extra news fragments
3529.minor 0 bytes 8bb4d10   2020-12-16T17:28:29Z exarkun news fragment
3532.minor 0 bytes 46f18fbb   2020-12-09T20:47:43Z exarkun news fragment
3533.minor 0 bytes c45290c   2020-12-15T23:29:43Z exarkun news fragment
3534.minor 0 bytes 3513e9b   2020-12-16T20:25:11Z exarkun news fragment
3537.minor 0 bytes c8aab08   2020-11-25T13:17:40Z sajith Re-introduce vcpython27 in GitHub? Actions Turns out that netifaces …
3539.bugfix 128 bytes b02a4f7   2020-11-30T13:56:37Z exarkun news fragment
3542.minor 0 bytes ff49414a   2020-11-30T22:20:50Z sajith Use Tor project's new repository signing key Fix for …
3544.minor 0 bytes 8a47227   2020-11-30T22:56:46Z itamar News file.
3545.other 232 bytes 6d1f386   2020-12-08T16:30:24Z jehad rewording news fragment fixing some links fix ToC order
3546.minor 0 bytes afc443b   2020-12-04T16:37:08Z itamar News file.
3547.minor 0 bytes 96bee38   2020-12-05T14:06:29Z exarkun news fragment
3549.removed 263 bytes 8afb4cb   2020-12-10T23:22:06Z exarkun Make a recommendation
3550.removed 92 bytes 179f0bb   2020-12-09T15:55:13Z exarkun news fragment
3551.minor 0 bytes 2edd029   2020-12-09T18:23:11Z itamar News file.
3552.minor 0 bytes 3755416   2020-12-10T16:17:42Z itamar News file.
3553.minor 0 bytes ba42483   2020-12-09T19:50:28Z itamar News file.
3555.minor 0 bytes 713e456   2020-12-11T15:19:07Z sajith Mention stats gatherer removal in notes about old configuration
3557.minor 0 bytes b787de0   2020-12-13T11:49:49Z sajith Fix BeautifulSoup?'s GuessedAtParserWarning?
3558.minor 0 bytes 0357eeb   2020-12-14T15:11:05Z exarkun news fragment
3560.minor 0 bytes 4a58783   2020-12-15T15:13:46Z itamar Port eliotutil and tests to Python 3.
3564.minor 0 bytes 052b3d9   2020-12-16T15:06:59Z itamar Re-enable logging validation on Python 3.
3565.minor 0 bytes 48b9ffe   2020-12-17T14:55:48Z itamar News file.
3566.minor 0 bytes 3ca1745   2020-12-22T18:18:07Z itamar News file.
3567.minor 0 bytes f0359f1   2020-12-17T15:20:17Z exarkun news fragment
3568.minor 0 bytes 0569972   2020-12-17T17:40:12Z exarkun news fragment
3572.minor 0 bytes 0133889   2020-12-22T18:04:53Z itamar Fix intermittent failing test on PyPy? hopefully. PyPy? does not have …
3574.minor 0 bytes 655be5e   2021-01-04T11:18:14Z chad Port stats to Python 3
3575.minor 0 bytes 9e83343   2020-12-29T15:47:58Z exarkun news fragment
3576.minor 0 bytes 8894690   2021-01-05T11:39:29Z chad Port unknown to Python 3 This is covered by test_dirnode/test_grid
3577.minor 0 bytes b4b4a1aa   2020-12-29T17:39:00Z chad Port webish/test_webish to Python 3
3578.minor 0 bytes 244089d   2021-01-01T20:15:06Z exarkun news fragment
3582.minor 0 bytes fa15c2c   2021-01-05T11:45:32Z chad Declare victory on blacklist
3583.removed 78 bytes 7b1bfad   2021-01-06T18:39:52Z itamar Rip out FTP.
3587.minor 1 bytes b00bf94   2021-01-09T14:06:19Z noreply news fragment
.gitignore 0 bytes f71bbff8   2018-08-06T14:13:16Z exarkun Basic towncrier skeleton
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