Milestone Integration and Unit Testing


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Testing would be a valuable investment after the Python 3 port (90% done as of this writing)

  • Unit tests - must be robust in order to provide the foundation for the arguably more complex work of shoring up the integration tests
  • Integration tests - will require much courage, from the French "with heart"

Integration testing key points:

  • Amount of code needs to be reduced to make maintenance easier
  • Helper library was originally designed to be run by a person, so there is no programmatic interface
  • Failures are hard to debug due to no messages, particularly in the case of timeouts
  • Tracebacks are difficult to understand
  • Tests fail for spurious reasons (e.g., text doesn't match)
  • Better organization and implementation of ad hoc, single-use tools

The removal of Foolscap might make things easier, because its statefulness contributes to tests failing.

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