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#169 tcp hole-punching! firewall availability gsoc new ghazel enhancement major
#445 implement relay: allow storage servers behind NAT firewall availability new somebody enhancement major
#868 use helper to bypass NAT/firewall firewall upload-helper new defect major
#1179 use μTP firewall availability new enhancement major
#1367 tolerance for broken TCP connections due to incorrect/restrictive firewalls availability firewall reliability new defect major
#50 ask a peer to tell you what your IP address is (similar to STUNT/ICE) firewall availability p2p iputil introducer introduction new enhancement normal
#1207 Detect RFC1918/invalid addresses somehow firewall new enhancement normal
#2073 Wrong ports are reported for connected nodes wui tub port foolscap firewall new defect normal
#2152 have the introducer advertise the external IP it sees for a node to other nodes introducer introduction usability config tub.location firewall iputil new defect normal
#49 UPnP firewall availability new enhancement minor
#1007 HTTP proxy support for node to node communication privacy anonymity firewall foolscap anti-censorship i2p new davidsarah enhancement minor
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