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#1064 Node._startService failed: got stderr: 'ifconfig: en6: no media types?\n' tahoe-start mac error iputil transparency new guyzmo defect major
#1536 nicely report any errors involving finding and using ifconfig error pyutil iputil archlinux transparency assigned zooko defect major
#50 ask a peer to tell you what your IP address is (similar to STUNT/ICE) firewall availability p2p iputil introducer introduction new enhancement normal
#1935 bad behavior when localhost is down loopback localhost network error unix iputil transparency new warner defect normal
#2152 have the introducer advertise the external IP it sees for a node to other nodes introducer introduction usability config tub.location firewall iputil new defect normal
#982 grsec disallows tahoe from learning its own IP address security grsec iputil transparency new ioerror defect minor
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