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#589 JSON link does not work if there is a '#' character in the file name. encoding wui names new defect major
#631 trailing spaces in filenames break the WUI rename function wui usability names new defect major
#682 FTP frontend should support Unicode filenames encoded as UTF-8 i18n unicode ftpd names twisted assigned francois defect major
#731 what to do with filenames that are illegal on some systems forward-compatibility i18n unicode names new defect major
#863 unlink file with empty name through the CLI usability cli names easy assigned davidsarah defect major
#1141 Cannot Delete Or Rename Files/Directories With Wacky Names undeletable junk names delete websec assigned davidsarah defect major
#1142 Unlikely XSS Potential in File Names in WUI security xss html names wui new nobody defect major
#1144 Loopy/Uninhibited/Overlarge Filename Makes Web Server Crump security names wui new nobody defect major
#1350 SFTP: clients may misparse directory listings with filenames containing unusual characters sftp names assigned davidsarah defect major
#2276 restore from root folder fails on Archive subfolder forward-compatibility backward-compatibility unicode names windows cli tahoe-cp new defect normal
#2301 The term "filesystem" is too overloaded. docs names naming new Zancas defect minor
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