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#610 upload should take better advantage of existing shares upload verify preservation performance space-efficiency servers-of-happiness new kevan enhancement major
#614 redefine "Healthy" to be "Happy" for checker/verifier/repairer upload repair verify preservation performance docs unfinished-business servers-of-happiness new markberger defect major
#946 upload should succeed as soon as the servers-of-happiness criterion is met performance upload availability servers-of-happiness new nobody enhancement major
#1057 Alter mutable files to use servers of happiness mutable upload servers-of-happiness preservation new markberger enhancement major
#1082 default servers-of-happiness=7 prevents single-server use case from working "out of the box" defaults docs unfinished-business servers-of-happiness upload zookos-opinion-needed warners-opinion-needed new somebody defect major
#1116 clarify difference between full and read-only servers in servers-of-happiness failure message easy unfinished-business usability error servers-of-happiness upload new daira defect major
#1124 upload is unhappy even though the shares are already distributed upload availability reliability unfinished-business servers-of-happiness new defect major
#1130 Failure to achieve happiness in upload or repair upload repair rebalancing availability unfinished-business servers-of-happiness new kevan defect major
#1293 servers-of-happiness is too conservative when K = 1 servers-of-happiness usability availability unfinished-business assigned davidsarah defect major
#1394 upload should not wait for all servers to respond performance upload immutable availability servers-of-happiness new kevan defect major
#1596 more specific error message for the case where too few servers are connected error usability servers-of-happiness new somebody defect major
#1791 UploadUnhappinessError with available storage nodes > shares.happy servers-of-happiness upload error new gyver defect major
#1830 Upload (sometimes?) ignores shares.happy in tahoe.cfg regression upload servers-of-happiness new kmarkley86 defect major
#1814 UploadUnhappinessError despite no apparent refusal of shares error servers-of-happiness volunteergrid2 upload new defect normal
#1816 add a lease renewal method that only renews some shares in a shareset, to be used by repair/rebalancing forward-compatibility rebalancing repair RIStorageServer leases leasedb servers-of-happiness new warner defect normal
#2009 One Grid to Rule Them All extensibility servers-of-happiness location newurls security globalcaps new daira defect normal
#2035 "tahoe backup" on the same immutable content when some shares are missing does not repair that content. usability preservation reliability servers-of-happiness repair tahoe-backup performance new defect normal
#2060 Alter mutable uploads to use upload strategy of happiness servers-of-happiness new markberger enhancement normal
#2101 improve error messages from failed uploads upload error servers-of-happiness transparency new daira defect normal
#2107 don't place shares on servers that already have shares upload servers-of-happiness brians-opinion-needed space-efficiency new enhancement normal
#2108 uploader should keep trying other servers if its initially-chosen servers fail during the "scan" phase brians-opinion-needed regression upload servers-of-happiness new daira defect normal
#3022 Servers of happiness share placement distributes storage load unevenly in small grids servers-of-happiness, upload new defect normal
#1092 shares.happy is the wrong name of the measure usability upload servers-of-happiness unfinished-business new warner defect minor
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