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#1052 "tahoe backup": report EnvironmentError more precisely error tahoe-backup usability easy assigned davidsarah defect minor
#641 tahoe backup should be able to backup symlinks tahoe-backup symlink reliability news-done new defect normal
#1855 Potential interaction problem between tahoe backup and virtualbox shared drives on OSX host / debian guest. virtualbox mac tahoe-backup hang new davidsarah defect normal
#1865 backup has over-general exception swallowing that leads to assertion failures. error tahoe-backup new davidsarah defect normal
#1937 back up the content of a file even if the content changes without changing mtime tahoe-backup reliability preservation new defect normal
#1952 rename "tahoe backup" to "tahoe snapshot" tahoe-backup usability docs new enhancement normal
#2035 "tahoe backup" on the same immutable content when some shares are missing does not repair that content. usability preservation reliability servers-of-happiness repair tahoe-backup performance new defect normal
#2053 make "tahoe backup" avoid "piling up" if the backup job takes longer than the period tahoe-backup new daira enhancement normal
#2062 what happens if a "tahoe backup" process is in progress when another one is started? tahoe-backup new defect normal
#2096 tahoe backup says "WARNING: cannot backup special file" when a file has been moved while it is running tahoe-backup error usability new defect normal
#2135 Add --print-uri option to "tahoe backup" to dump resulting backup URI tahoe-backup backup test-needed easy new amontero enhancement normal
#2236 Skip files with errors, Long files name, too large. Instead of failing the entire process tahoe-backup error cli new Zancas defect normal
#2243 TypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__' while opening backupdb tahoe-backup backupdb error assigned daira defect normal
#2250 don't re-use metadata from earlier snapshots, in a "tahoe backup" forward-compatibility tahoe-backup metadata new defect normal
#2267 exceptions.AttributeError: 'CHKUploadHelper' object has no attribute '_reader' upload upload-helper immutable tahoe-backup new defect normal
#2338 tahoe backup exits nonzero if there are any symlinks symlink tahoe-backup error assigned daira defect normal
#2404 optionally backup to mutable files/directories tahoe-backup mutable new enhancement normal
#2430 'tahoe backup' and 'tahoe cp' are too slow with lots of small files tahoe-backup tahoe-cp performance new enhancement normal
#2917 `tahoe backup` could easily report size information about the backup performed tahoe-backup new enhancement normal
#2918 `tahoe backup` crashes when an upload operation fails tahoe-backup new defect normal
#2919 Encourage folks to use a third-party backup tool with Tahoe-LAFS integration instead of `tahoe backup` tahoe-backup docs new enhancement normal
#204 "virtual CDs" dirnodes newcaps performance random-access space-efficiency tahoe-backup new enhancement major
#625 Can't repair read-only dirnodes/mutable-files confidentiality integrity preservation verify repair newcaps tahoe-backup usability anti-censorship excess-authority assigned warner defect major
#632 "tahoe backup --prefix": override pathname root for snapshots tahoe-backup new enhancement major
#643 Automatically schedule repair process (and backups?) repair availability preservation usability scheduling tahoe-backup new somebody enhancement major
#796 write-only caps newcaps tahoe-backup research new enhancement major
#845 "tahoe backup" and HFS+ OS-level immutable directories: copying Time Machine backups performance tahoe-backup new enhancement major
#851 tahoe backup exclude option only matches on filename instead of path tahoe-backup usability new enhancement major
#897 "tahoe backup" thinks "ctime" means "creation time" forward-compatibility docs tahoe-backup time new warner defect major
#914 tahoe backup gives a fatal BackupProcessingError if it sees a file, but the file is deleted before tahoe backs it up tahoe-backup usability error reliability new nobody defect major
#915 the timers used by tahoe backup to trigger repair for unhealthy files should be configurable tahoe-backup preservation usability new defect major
#977 backupdb should store which grid it is scoped to tahoe-backup preservation forward-compatibility backupdb assigned davidsarah defect major
#1325 make `tahoe backup` keep more filesystem metadata tahoe-backup metadata symlink hardlink new nobody enhancement major
#1331 --verify option for `tahoe backup` tahoe-backup preservation backupdb gridid verify new nobody defect major
#1511 confusing error message from 'tahoe backup' when source directory doesn't exist error usability tahoe-backup new defect major
#1670 KeyError in mutable read-modify-write mutable retrieve error tahoe-backup regression test-needed preservation blocks-release assigned zooko defect critical
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