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#948 LiteralFileURI instance has no attribute 'storage_index' preservation verify repair tahoe-backup usability error reliability regression tahoe-check wui test reviewed closed bigpig francois critical defect
#577 I want results to stick around until I explicitly tell them to go away (not: "unknown/expired handle") usability wui reliability memory repair verify ophandle easy reviewed closed kevan zooko major defect
#837 'tahoe ls' on unknown objects: error message should be clearer tahoe-ls forward-compatibility usability easy regression test reviewed closed davidsarah warner major defect
#936 spurious test failure due to race condition in allmydata.test.test_cli.Cp.test_copy_using_filecap test reviewed closed warner davidsarah major defect
#939 the CLI should fail gracefully when tahoe: doesn't exist and no alias is specified easy usability error alias reviewed closed kevan kevan major defect

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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Reporter Priority Type
#681 make the error message more helpful in case of no 'tahoe' alias easy usability error closed davidsarah prmr major defect
#945 KeyError if default alias is not present. usability error closed jdn major defect
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