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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#317 measurements of grid usage for the TestGrid page somebody enhancement major eventually operational
#1310 separate "gateway state directory" from "client state directory" warner defect major undecided code-frontend-cli
#3696 Fix for Ubuntu 20.4 bug on Python-virtualenv amj defect major Automate Release Process unknown
#1171 add regression test for shnums: "e,r,r,o,r" warner defect normal soon code-frontend-web
#1903 deprecate one of the synonyms "/file/" and "/named/" from the WAPI zooko enhancement normal soon code-frontend-web
#2383 CLI option to automatically start and stop a node enhancement normal undecided unknown
#2424 Spreading servers daira enhancement normal undecided code-network
#2733 excessively verbose warning about IrrationalVersionError daira defect normal soon packaging
#3755 GBS design discussion task normal unknown
#525 include platform of each remote peer in the welcome page's known-servers table enhancement minor undecided code-frontend-web
#1279 silent failure of bin/tahoe when root partition is out of space? somebody defect minor undecided code
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