22:41 Ticket #120 (command-line: make it work with the private vdrive) closed by warner
fixed: I watched Peter use this successfully, and he seems happy. Time to …
22:41 Ticket #154 (usage string program name != executable name?) closed by warner
fixed: fixed, in 1c7f52265f0e7a38. The name 'allmydata' is still …
21:57 Ticket #157 (include public test grid furls in .debs?) closed by warner
fixed: done, in c35ed6ff11c009ef. They're now in testnet/*.furl , …
10:39 Ticket #155 (rename executable "allmydata-tahoe" to "tahoe"?) closed by warner
fixed: done
10:30 Ticket #156 (how to find tahoe process with ps) closed by warner
fixed: done. I'll create a new ticket (#174) for the $0 stuff.
10:29 Ticket #174 (make argv $0 be 'tahoe', not 'twistd') created by warner
To make it easier to identify a running tahoe node with standard tools …
10:21 Ticket #110 (command-line: default "--node-url http://localhost:`cat webport`") closed by warner
fixed: done, effectively. The new CLI tools use --node-directory which points …
10:00 Ticket #155 (rename executable "allmydata-tahoe" to "tahoe"?) reopened by warner
oops, didn't mean to close this one yet
09:37 Ticket #155 (rename executable "allmydata-tahoe" to "tahoe"?) closed by warner
fixed: yeah, I like shorter. Having the branding in there is kind of nice, …
08:46 Ticket #160 (upgrade public test grid to v0.6.0) closed by warner
fixed: The test grid got updated to a post-0.6.0 release on september 26th, …
08:44 TestGrid edited by warner
08:43 TestGrid edited by warner
test grid is now running an 0.6.0-compatible release (diff)
03:36 Ticket #173 (How does tahoe filesystem layer (lafs) handle lots of file-upload tasks?) created by zooko
Rob, Peter, Justin and I just fixed up the commercial, proprietary …
03:16 Ticket #172 (put sparklines on front page) created by zooko
I want to make miniature (but live, automatically and frequently …


17:24 Ticket #171 (new timestamps) created by zooko
As per …
16:48 Ticket #170 (package Tahoe-LAFS for Fedora) created by zooko
In theory, you can run "./setup.py bdist_rpm" and an …
03:49 Ticket #169 (tcp hole-punching!) created by zooko
Did you know that it is actually possible to do tcp hole-punching (for …


20:10 Ticket #168 (configurable on/off storage server) created by zooko
It would be nice if you could run a Tahoe client without running a …


19:47 Ticket #131 (add simplejson source to our distribution) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed in be51a7e2a43cd276 -- thanks, Bob Ippolito and Brian!


19:19 Ticket #167 (try out Jerasure) created by zooko
Professor James Plank has published a new library that has …
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