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18:58 Ticket #383 (large directories take a long time to modify) created by warner
We found that the prodnet webapi servers were taking about 35 seconds …
06:26 Ticket #382 (debian packages aren't installable: need setuptools) created by warner
We've gone back and forth about whether our packages will require …
06:21 Ticket #381 (web set_children needs to be documented) created by warner
We currently have no documentation for the new 'set_children' webapi call.
06:21 Ticket #380 (webapi: remove 'mkdir-p' API since it logs pathnames) created by warner
We did a pass through the HTTP logging in webish.py to make sure that …
05:44 Ticket #379 (very large memory usage when adding to large directories) created by warner
We've seen the webapi servers that are participating in the allmydata …
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18:57 Ticket #378 (setup.py: which "Twisted" distribution name should we depend on?) created by warner
We've learned a bit today about the overzealous …
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