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make the pycryptopp link point to the pycryptopp page, not zfec (diff)
19:38 Ticket #412 (tahoe -h doesn't do what people expect (--help)) created by zooko
ben posted a transcript which included this bit: […] I poked …
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add links to foolscap, zfec, pycryptopp tracs (diff)


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add link to zfec trac (diff)
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link to pycryptopp trac (diff)
23:00 Ticket #405 (better doc for upload helper) closed by warner
fixed: Done, in 783fbb12e608795b and e2f56b8e3c96d6ac.
22:47 Ticket #411 (this trac instance doesn't update browser title bar) created by warner
I've noticed that when I switch tabs to an allmydata.org page, the …
22:22 Ticket #410 (--introducer arg to create-client) created by bhyde
Assuming I'm understanding this correctly it appears that a client …
19:50 Ticket #408 (install.html does not list twisted as a dependency.) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by a097f45243c87676
19:43 Ticket #409 ("make check-deps" does not detect missing Python.h.) created by nejucomo
When installing Tahoe from source, I overlooked the install.html …
19:39 Ticket #408 (install.html does not list twisted as a dependency.) created by nejucomo
The trunk/docs/install.html file lists g++, gnu make, python, and …


21:13 Ticket #407 (make separate "ext" repository to hold tarballs of dependent libraries) created by zooko
Make a repository named "ext" to hold tarballs of dependent libraries.
21:07 Ticket #406 (end-to-end encoding self-test) created by zooko
Figure out what is going on with Ben Laurie's Tahoe node on his …
13:06 Ticket #405 (better doc for upload helper) created by zooko
Upload helper is described in docs/architecture.txt, but how …


22:39 Ticket #404 (tahoe plugins: facilitate extensions/applications written in Python) created by zooko
Suppose you want to write an application that uses Tahoe, or suppose …
22:24 Ticket #403 (grid identifier) created by zooko
If you give someone a Tahoe URL containing a Tahoe capability, and …
18:17 Ticket #402 (bug in Twisted, triggered by pyOpenSSL-0.7) created by warner
The symptom is that tahoe's test_system fails with "unclean reactor …
12:00 Ticket #401 (command-line: tahoe ls's way of saying "No such file or directory" ...) created by zooko
[…] When what it should have said was […]
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