18:14 Ticket #471 (servermap update chart doesn't fit) created by zooko
This screen shot shows that the chart is too big for its britches. As …
17:30 Doc edited by zooko
17:29 Doc edited by zooko
add link to known_issues.txt (diff)
17:23 Doc edited by zooko
remove another obsolete doc (diff)
17:20 Doc edited by zooko
remove some obsolete links (diff)
17:19 Doc edited by zooko
move install-details.html to Obsolete Docs (diff)
16:44 Ticket #125 (typing and sharing; viewing without attaching) closed by zooko
fixed: This has been fixed. Thanks, Brian!
00:42 Ticket #470 (tahoe 'make' fails at twisted, on leopard (macos 10.5)) created by robk
brian thought that this was related to #229 a quick scan of that …


21:19 Ticket #297 (In How To Install Doc "twisted" sumo doesn't make clear to the naive ...) closed by zooko
fixed: This has been fixed by automating the dependency on Twisted so that we …


23:23 Ticket #454 (make debian packages for "hardy") closed by warner
fixed: Ok, we're building hardy debs, and they're going into our APT …
23:20 Ticket #469 (build pycryptopp+zfec debs for hardy) created by warner
We've got a hardy buildslave set up, and it's producing tahoe debs, …
20:47 DownloadDebianPackages edited by warner
move some docs out to source:docs/debian.txt (diff)
19:59 DownloadDebianPackages edited by warner
add information about building on debian (diff)
19:40 WikiStart edited by warner
add a link to DownloadDebianPackages (diff)
01:58 Ticket #468 (design+build the Usage/Aggregator service) created by warner
As part of the Accounting project, we'll be building a "Usage" …
01:56 Ticket #467 (allow the user to specify which servers a given gateway will use for ...) created by warner
I'd like to have a section in the client's tahoe.cfg which lets it …
01:39 Ticket #466 (extendable Introducer protocol: dictionary-based, signed announcements) created by warner
Zooko and I have discussed a new API for the Introducer that would be …


17:18 Ticket #465 (add a mutable-file cache) created by warner
If the mutable-file retrieval process were allowed to keep an on-disk …
17:04 Ticket #464 (evaluate different share-storage schemes) created by warner
Our current share-storage scheme is simple and easy to understand, but …
01:03 Ticket #463 (directory isn't rendered at all sometimes) created by zooko
Justin wasn't connected to the introducer or to any servers, and when …


07:01 Ticket #462 (PUT should elicit 100 Continue) created by adi
curl -T foo.txt …
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