16:31 Ticket #495 (zfec crashes and incorrect precondition values) created by greg
in zfec 1.4.0, these things cause a crash: […] […] …


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fix date of 1.2.0 news (diff)
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latest news (diff)


06:27 Ticket #494 (zfec compilation fixes for Windows) created by greg
Not sure where to file zfec issues. I see some in Trac here, so I'll …
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announce 1.2 (diff)
01:39 Ticket #493 (add /status?t=json) created by warner
The allmydata native client needs to be able to get some progress …


16:48 Ticket #492 (mutable files: add ciphertext hash tree to signature block) created by warner
The problem described in #491 is also applicable to mutable files, …
16:39 Ticket #491 (URIs do not refer to unique files in Allmydata Tahoe) created by zooko
As Christian Grothoff observed, it is possible for an uploader to make …
07:00 Milestone 1.2.0 completed
* Fix security bug #491 * Release all trunk changes up to this point.
01:37 Ticket #490 (uninitialized memory access in TahoeFS) closed by Michael Booker
fixed: last access time, last modified time, created time and size are all …


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19:35 Ticket #490 (uninitialized memory access in TahoeFS) created by ghazel
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