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The host after the at sign becomes ellipses, so I spell out "at". (diff)
21:14 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by nejucomo
Change Nathan's email address text, becuase it does not appear as a … (diff)
15:58 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
add nathan email (diff)
15:56 Ticket #674 (controlled access to your WUI) created by zooko
Currently the Welcome Page of the WUI is reachable without knowing any …
00:28 WikiStart edited by zooko
April, not March (diff)
00:14 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by warner
add my contact info (diff)


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link to PSF ideas, fix formatting of links (diff)
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add link to Expectations (diff)
03:50 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
link to #217 (diff)
03:05 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
update about Student Idea Choice and edit about PSF (diff)
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link to #510 (diff)


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editing (diff)
23:51 WikiStart edited by zooko
GSoC! (diff)
22:13 WikiStart edited by zooko
emphasize live web gateway better (diff)
19:37 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by zooko
note about PSF (diff)


21:14 Ticket #673 (drop package with 2004 ISA FIREWALL) created by allenhuang55
is allmydata compatible with 2004 isa firewall? I have dropped …


13:02 Ticket #672 ('DirectoryAsHTML' object has no attribute 'dirnode_children_error') created by francois
After clicking "Create Directory!" on my fresh new tahoe node which …
05:02 Ticket #167 (try out Jerasure) closed by zooko
fixed: Prof. James Plank and co-authors (including me) did some good …
04:07 Ticket #671 (bring back sizelimit (i.e. max consumed, not min free)) created by zooko
We used to have a sizelimit option which would do a recursive …
03:50 Ticket #670 (large file download has bad alacrity) created by zooko
A 10 GB file has about 80,000 segments, and the download process first …


19:21 Ticket #669 (free the code! (tahoe-webdrive)) created by zooko
As mentioned …
18:58 Ticket #409 ("make check-deps" does not detect missing Python.h.) closed by zooko
wontfix: We don't really use make check-deps anymore, and I don't know …


10:02 Ticket #668 (easy_install allmydata-tahoe is broken) created by francois
Trying to install Tahoe 1.3.0 with easy_install fails with this …
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