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update news (diff)
05:13 Ticket #679 (/storage emitting exception - lease reporting code) created by terrell
This exception appeared a few times just after a recompile and restart …
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23:02 Ticket #678 (converge same file, same K, different N) created by zooko
The underlying erasure code is "systematic", which means the first …
02:18 Ticket #250 (memcheck-64 fails sporadically) closed by warner
fixed: I don't remember seeing this failure for a while either. I think it's …
02:14 Ticket #675 (WebApi: PUT /uri?mutable=false creates mutable file) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in 922b3034be0e8141.


21:34 Ticket #677 (WebAPI: GET /uri/$FILECAP?t=json doesn't return size for mutable ...) created by soult
Compare: …
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Update node list and add information about the convergence file (diff)
17:14 Ticket #676 (WebAPI: POST /uri/cap//?t=mkdir creates directory with no name) created by soult
(Note the double-slash in the URL.) <zooko> Ah, if I recall correctly …
16:00 Ticket #675 (WebApi: PUT /uri?mutable=false creates mutable file) created by soult
While not directly a bug, as the documentation for the webapi …


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The host after the at sign becomes ellipses, so I spell out "at". (diff)
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Change Nathan's email address text, becuase it does not appear as a … (diff)
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add nathan email (diff)
15:56 Ticket #674 (controlled access to your WUI) created by zooko
Currently the Welcome Page of the WUI is reachable without knowing any …
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April, not March (diff)
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