18:26 InstallDetails edited by zooko
mention that make install PREFIX=/usr/local is broken (diff)
17:55 Ticket #704 (utf-8 decoding fails when certain pyOpenSSL library is used) reopened by zooko
I opened a ticket for setuptools: …
17:40 Ticket #695 (error message could be more helpful re: CLI rm confused by URL:DIR in ...) reopened by zooko
I'm reopening this and renaming it to indicate that the tahoe cli …
16:36 Ticket #684 (let client specify the encryption key) closed by zooko
wontfix: Per this discussion: …
16:33 Ticket #688 (FTP frontend doesn't work when behind NAT (debian)) closed by zooko
16:33 Ticket #688 (FTP frontend doesn't work when behind NAT (debian)) reopened by zooko
Let's mark this as not-our-bug rather than "fixed" when we close it. …
14:23 Ticket #732 (Not Enough Shares when repairing a file which has 7 shares on 2 servers) created by zooko
My demo at the Northern Colorado Linux Users Group had an unfortunate …


21:19 Ticket #731 (what to do with filenames that are illegal on some systems) created by zooko
If someone copies a file from system A into Tahoe-LAFS and then later …
20:08 Ticket #730 (unify Windows and non-Windows "make quicktest") created by zooko
8e2506675355ddaf improved "make quicktest" on non-Windows …


19:37 Ticket #728 (declare dependency on sqlite when on py2.4) closed by zooko
fixed: Fixed by 8c18ac38a9b71d43.
16:49 DownloadDebianPackages edited by zooko
add note about pysqlite packages with bad .egg-info on etch and edgy (diff)
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