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21:05 Patches edited by warner
19:53 Ticket #739 (To get tahoe 1.4.1 working on NetBSD, must use attached patch.) created by midnightmagic
The code doesn't currently recognise NetBSD as a "BSD" type, and thus …
19:52 Patches edited by midnightmagic
this is what I (non-developer) had to do to get a patch from darcs. (diff)
18:37 Ticket #738 (failure in block hash tree) created by midnightmagic
Running tahoe on the machine in which python2.5 setup.py test fails as …
18:20 Ticket #737 (python2.5 setup.py test runs CPU to 100% on 32-bit single-core NetBSD "4") created by midnightmagic
Running as in summary: python2.5 setup.py test ... inside …


23:12 Patches edited by zooko
new and easier! (diff)


22:47 Ticket #736 (UnrecoverableFileError on directory which has 6 shares (3 needed)) created by zooko
When I view this private directory of mine, I get: […] But when I …
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17:05 GridBackup created by swillden


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link to duplicity/tahoe docs, link to Andrej's obackup (diff)
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03:34 Ticket #733 (allmydata.util.time_format.iso_utc_time_to_seconds() doesn't work in ...) closed by zooko
fixed: Fixed again by 45928315f6546185. …
03:02 Ticket #733 (allmydata.util.time_format.iso_utc_time_to_seconds() doesn't work in ...) reopened by zooko
8978cb073874b7d6 doesn't work on Windows.


14:10 Ticket #735 (time_format.parse_date() test failure) created by zooko
On Black Dew's Windows machine: […] Full log: …
08:36 Ticket #734 (Tahoe CLI with unicode patches applied fails when stdout is redirected) created by francois
Andrej Falout reported this bug on the mailing-list. …


22:09 Ticket #733 (allmydata.util.time_format.iso_utc_time_to_seconds() doesn't work in ...) closed by zooko
fixed: Added a unit test of whether [source:src/allmydata/util/time_format.py
22:09 Ticket #733 (allmydata.util.time_format.iso_utc_time_to_seconds() doesn't work in ...) reopened by zooko
Changed the name of this ticket to reflect the fact that this function …
19:38 Ticket #733 (allmydata.util.time_format.iso_utc_time_to_seconds() doesn't work in ...) closed by zandr
invalid: Which is all correct for Europe/London?
03:03 Ticket #733 (allmydata.util.time_format.iso_utc_time_to_seconds() doesn't work in ...) created by zooko


18:26 InstallDetails edited by zooko
mention that make install PREFIX=/usr/local is broken (diff)
17:55 Ticket #704 (utf-8 decoding fails when certain pyOpenSSL library is used) reopened by zooko
I opened a ticket for setuptools: …
17:40 Ticket #695 (error message could be more helpful re: CLI rm confused by URL:DIR in ...) reopened by zooko
I'm reopening this and renaming it to indicate that the tahoe cli …
16:36 Ticket #684 (let client specify the encryption key) closed by zooko
wontfix: Per this discussion: …
16:33 Ticket #688 (FTP frontend doesn't work when behind NAT (debian)) closed by zooko
16:33 Ticket #688 (FTP frontend doesn't work when behind NAT (debian)) reopened by zooko
Let's mark this as not-our-bug rather than "fixed" when we close it. …
14:23 Ticket #732 (Not Enough Shares when repairing a file which has 7 shares on 2 servers) created by zooko
My demo at the Northern Colorado Linux Users Group had an unfortunate …
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