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19:19 Ticket #176 (missing freeform-default.css -- nevow install error?) closed by zooko
fixed: This is fixed as of Nevow v0.9.33.
19:18 Ticket #191 (The Setuptools Way Section in the Readme Makes Unsupportable Assertions) closed by zooko
wontfix: The documentation which had the issue has been completely thrown out …
16:52 Ticket #633 (lease-expiring share crawler) closed by warner
fixed: yup, it went into 1.4
12:40 Ticket #417 (refactor buildmaster config to make it easier to manage branches) closed by zooko
12:38 Ticket #732 (Not Enough Shares when repairing a file which has 7 shares on 2 servers) closed by zooko
12:33 Ticket #416 (set up a trac for the allmydata.com web site) closed by zooko
11:54 Ticket #690 (raise size limit on furls) closed by zooko
fixed: I'm going to mark this as 'fixed'. If you are using foolscap >= 0.4.2 …


16:01 Ticket #388 (Debian changelog is not up to date) closed by zooko
fixed: I believe that this was long since fixed. Thanks, esteve and Brian.


04:07 Ticket #739 (To get tahoe 1.4.1 working on NetBSD, must use attached patch.) closed by warner
fixed: Applied, in 96cda877ff829ba9. Now we'll see if the new …
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This imperative-voice thing is cool. (diff)
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"Download" in anchor text, and also use more imperative voice. (diff)


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