10:46 NewMutableEncodingDesign created by warner
start to write down notes
10:26 NewCapDesign edited by warner
reorg, copy relevant notes from referenced tickets (unrolling the … (diff)
09:59 NewImmutableEncodingDesign created by warner
new page about immutable encoding design
09:22 NewCapDesign edited by warner
add notes about filecap length limits (diff)
09:05 NewCapDesign edited by warner
link to new encoding design pages (diff)


16:25 RelatedProjects edited by terrell
fluiddb update - now in beta (diff)
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add short-and-sweet as a separate desideratum from cut-and-pasteable (diff)


23:55 Ticket #796 (write-only caps) created by warner
Daira Hopwood points out an even more interesting direction to take in …
23:19 Ticket #795 (add-only sets) created by warner
It's a long-term goal, but it would be nice to have append-only …
23:04 Ticket #794 (create DSA writecaps from a passphrase) created by warner
once we have DSA-based mutable files, the signing keys will be …
20:20 Ticket #793 (using removable disk as a storage backend) created by warner
For years, on my linux box, I've used an encrypted USB flash drive for …


20:31 Ticket #792 (upload Tahoe-LAFS into Karmic Koala) created by zooko
Tahoe-LAFS is ready to be included in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala! See …


19:20 Ticket #791 (Optimize FEC parameters to increase download performance) created by swillden
When Tahoe is configured with a large value for k, the number of …
13:37 Ticket #790 (setup.py thinks it is the previous version) created by zooko
[…] The problem is that at the time that module-scoped things in …


16:54 Ticket #789 (Support Accept-Encoding: compress, gzip in the WAPI) created by francois
It will be handy if the WAPI could compress its JSON output on the …
16:05 Ticket #663 (integrate a distributed revision control tool with Tahoe) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by https://bugs.launchpad.net/allmydata.org/+bug/294709 -- …
03:04 Ticket #773 (organize the documentation for installation on Windows) closed by zooko
fixed: Thanks, Shawn and David-Sarah. …
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