23:46 Ticket #121 (handling errors in 'tahoe get') reopened by davidsarah
The change in 931ab76588dab261 is to not explicitly close …
23:28 Ticket #771 (tahoe ls doesn't work on files) closed by warner
fixed: Good work! I've applied your patch (with some modifications) in …
22:17 Ticket #121 (handling errors in 'tahoe get') closed by warner
fixed: Fixed. 931ab76588dab261 stops opening the output file …
20:24 Ticket #676 (WebAPI: POST /uri/cap//?t=mkdir creates directory with no name) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in 499add09e6b1ba62, with an internal webapi change …
20:22 Ticket #358 (WUI can make an <a href> tag with no contents) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in 499add09e6b1ba62, with two changes. The first is …
20:19 Ticket #646 (CLI should report webapi errors better) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed (finally). The webapi has been listening to the Accept: header …
16:57 Ticket #411 (this trac instance doesn't update browser title bar) closed by warner
fixed: I'm running firefox 3 now, and the title bar switches normally. So I'm …
16:50 Ticket #350 (have xfer-client return an error code if it doesn't succeed) closed by warner
fixed: I've replaced the old xfer-client with a modern flappclient call (in …
04:50 Ticket #873 (upload: tolerate lost or unacceptably slow servers) created by warner
As with download in #287, we'd like upload to gracefully handle the …
04:19 Ticket #872 (Adjust the probability of selecting a node according to its storage ...) created by davidsarah
If the probability of the peer selection algorithm putting a node …


03:52 Ticket #359 (eliminate hard limit on size of SDMFs) closed by warner
duplicate: Note that zooko's recent comments are about immutable files and their …
01:33 Ticket #853 (pycryptopp-related hang of unit tests on platforms using buggy Gnu as ...) closed by zooko
invalid: Hrm. So we *could* work-around this by releasing a new version of …
01:04 Ticket #248 (better automation of management of the "root director(ies)") closed by zooko
fixed: Sounds good! Also the aliases feature (which as I've mentioned I …


21:04 Ticket #871 (handle out-of-disk-space condition) created by zooko
How does a Tahoe-LAFS node handle it when it runs out of disk space? …


23:10 Ticket #792 (upload Tahoe-LAFS into Karmic Koala) closed by zooko
fixed: Yes! :-)
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01:00 Ticket #870 (Prevent socket hijacking on OSes that don't prevent it by default (Windows)) created by davidsarah
Most operating systems have no configurable access control on binding …


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19:03 Ticket #481 (build some share-migration tools) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #864.
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23:26 Ticket #869 (Allow Tahoe filesystem to be run over a different key-value-store / ...) created by davidsarah
docs/architecture.rst describes Tahoe as comprising three …
23:11 Ticket #868 (use helper to bypass NAT/firewall) created by zooko
Discussion on the mailing list -- …
22:17 Ticket #867 (use ipv6) created by warner
Shawn Willden points out that IPv6 is a likely way to deal with the …
21:56 Ticket #866 (HTML-formatted exceptions shouldn't be output by CLI commands) created by davidsarah
Brian wrote in …
20:28 Ticket #865 (Document current crypto and encoding in detail) created by davidsarah
Other than the code, the most comprehensive description of Tahoe's …
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