06:32 Ticket #577 (I want results to stick around until I explicitly tell them to go away ...) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Reviewed and fixed in e9b59a4949d3237a, …
05:28 Ticket #970 (webapi PUT via multiple nodes can cause directory corruption but does ...) created by stott
Multiple simultaneous Tahoe put(s) via web API cause directory level …


23:47 Ticket #862 (Could a gatewayless architecture improve performance or avoid some ...) closed by zooko
wontfix: Closing as wontfix. There is a lot of valuable information about …
23:43 Ticket #834 (clarify error message when upload fails due to insufficient servers of ...) closed by zooko
duplicate: This issue is now tracked by #778.
20:35 Ticket #969 (contribute coverage plugin to Twisted) created by zooko
In 880f824103357172 Brian committed some tools for code …


20:56 Ticket #968 (Typo correction for the munin plugin tahoe_storagespace) created by freestorm
Change the comment describing plugin configuration from: […] to: […]
06:20 Ticket #936 (spurious test failure due to race condition in ...) closed by zooko
05:34 Ticket #967 (minor code clean-up in dirnode.py) created by zooko
I don't want to commit this to trunk until after v1.6.1 release, but …
04:59 Ticket #966 (document munin plugins and make them discoverable) created by zooko
allmydata.com maintains some munin plugins to help you monitor the …
02:23 Ticket #965 (CLI commands should follow HTTP redirects) created by davidsarah
As mentioned in #958, it is normally the responsibility of an HTTP …


23:42 Ticket #964 (show sizes in unambiguous way that doesn't get mistaken for different units) created by USSJoin
When setting up a storage node, it took me a long time to figure out …
06:29 Ticket #963 (configure default installation of tahoe to point at a working grid) created by secorp
After a discussion on IRC, it seems that it might be very useful to …
06:14 Ticket #962 (Performance problems testing on a 45 disk Dual core 3.3Ghz 4G memory Box) created by stott
Performance problems testing on a 45 disk Dual core 3.3Ghz 4G memory …
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another typo (diff)
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fix typo (diff)
05:55 Performance edited by zooko
add ugly Disclaimer alleging that our measurements are useless :-( (diff)
05:44 Ticket #961 (init scripts included in the apt-get install for tahoe-lafs on ...) created by stott
/etc/init scripts should be included by default to start tahoe-lafs if …
04:01 Ticket #573 (Allow client to control which storage servers receive shares) closed by zooko
duplicate: As far as I can tell almost all or perhaps all of the use cases so far …


16:57 Dev edited by zooko
update checkout command (diff)


16:58 Ticket #960 (integrate Tahoe-LAFS into GVFS) created by zooko
GVFS is the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GVFS Gnome Virtual File …


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