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how to report a bug
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08:49 Ticket #982 (grsec disallows tahoe from learning its own IP address) created by ioerror
I'm attempting to run Tahoe with a Linux kernel that uses grsec …
08:12 Ticket #981 (chroot support?) created by ioerror
I'd like Tahoe to be forced chrooted after a certain run time (say, …
01:30 Changeset in trunk [ca660a5] by jacob <jacob@…>
Debian documentation update


09:59 Changeset in trunk [babbdf9] by jacob <jacob@…>
07:59 Ticket #980 (handle SIGHUP by reloading your config file) created by zooko
Jacob is writing init scripts for Tahoe-LAFS for Debian, and he asked …
07:24 Ticket #979 (AssertionError on DELETE when child links point to yourself) created by zooko
USSJoin accidentally made a directory with all of its child links …
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23:44 Ticket #978 (hard to navigate the docs to install, on Debian, with short attention span) created by zooko
Jake Appelbaum tested our install docs for us. He wrote a patch to …


23:57 Ticket #977 (backupdb should store which grid it is scoped to) created by davidsarah
On tahoe-dev, Brian Warner wrote: > Jody Harris wrote: > > Any issues …
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CentOS packages selection (diff)
01:13 Ticket #976 (status of mutable file retrieve gives less information than an ...) created by davidsarah
Mutable retrieve status gives less information about share placement …
00:51 Ticket #975 (results of deep-size should include mutable files) created by davidsarah
A user (Jody Harris) quite reasonably expected the results of a …
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