14:24 Ticket #998 (Adding Win32 registry key with basedir) created by freestorm
This patch is only for Win32 environment. It create a Windows Registry …
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iphone query (diff)


20:16 Ticket #997 (The webapi/WUI should have https enabled by default) created by jsgf
In the spirit of making the defaults secure, the web interface should …
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add jsui query (diff)
01:59 Ticket #996 (make it easier to build the iPhone client for a jailbroken iPhone ...) created by davidsarah
[http://allmydata.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2010-March/004132.html Marco …
01:49 Ticket #995 (It's way too easy to give away write directory caps) created by jsgf
The WUI makes it too easy to accidentally give away the write …
00:24 Ticket #985 (tahoe start --help should mention that --basedir defaults to $HOME/.tahoe) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #715.


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use both introducer and introduction keywords (diff)
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introducer -> introduction (diff)
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wording (diff)
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tickets labelled gsoc (diff)
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typo (diff)
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add gsoc query (diff)
06:29 Ticket #994 (support precompressed files) created by davidsarah
A "precompressed file" is a file where the plaintext has been …
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edits (diff)
05:59 Ticket #993 (refactor download interfaces to treat immutable files and mutable ...) created by davidsarah
Currently, downloading a mutable file is quite complicated unless the …
03:35 Ticket #992 (Store Content-Type as part of directory entries) created by jsgf
Some apps, particularly using the webapi, will want to associate …


22:42 Ticket #991 (avoid caching plaintext in gateway to satisfy range requests) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #990.
22:39 Ticket #991 (avoid caching plaintext in gateway to satisfy range requests) created by davidsarah
Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote: > In poking around with http range …
20:04 GSoCIdeas2010 edited by davidsarah
based on last year's page (diff)
19:37 Ticket #990 (Web gateway should avoid caching plaintext of downloads) created by jsgf
The web gateway will (on occasion) locally cache files in unencrypted …


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fix link (diff)
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blank slate! (diff)
18:12 GSoCIdeas2009 created by zooko
historical document from GSoC 2009
03:59 Changeset in trunk [63b28d70] by Jeremy Fitzhardinge <jeremy@…>
Improve HTTP/1.1 byterange handling Fix parsing of a Range: header to …
03:37 Ticket #989 (improve HTTP/1.1 byterange handling) created by davidsarah
The attached patch by Jeremy Fitzhardinge improves byterange handling …


16:08 Ticket #988 (Build fails when byte-compiling is disabled) created by nero37
I have written a gentoo ebuild to build and install tahoe on gentoo …
07:29 Ticket #987 (Wording fix for docs/running.html) created by JeremyVisser
In [http://allmydata.org/source/tahoe/trunk/docs/running.html How To …
06:57 Ticket #986 ('tahoe run' and 'tahoe start' should be one command) created by JeremyVisser
Initially, I was slightly confused by the difference between {{{tahoe …
06:19 Ticket #985 (tahoe start --help should mention that --basedir defaults to $HOME/.tahoe) created by zooko
tahoe start --help should mention that --basedir defaults to $HOME/.tahoe
06:18 Ticket #984 (no man page) created by zooko
Jeremy Visser observes that there is no man page, which is against …
06:11 Ticket #983 (high CPU load on storage servers when uploading large mutable file) created by zooko
Jody Harris and Justin Stottlemyer both reported that uploading a …
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advertise Tahoe-LAFS as being OSSM even if you don't want security (diff)
07:55 HowToReportABug created by zooko
how to report a bug
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