21:40 Ticket #1010 (anonymous client mode) created by duck
For the anonymous network use case (such as I2P
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those are examples of Cloud Apps (diff)
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link to tahoe-dev archives (diff)
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add secure decentralized blog (diff)
03:56 Ticket #1009 (-SUMO package doesn't build on XP) created by zooko
According to NODA Kai's message of Jan 31: …
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MDMF moved to GSoCIdeas (diff)
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change point-of-contact Mentor for MDMF from Brian to David-Sarah (diff)
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add MDMF to table of contents (diff)
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add Kevan's MDMF write-up (diff)


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12:04 Ticket #672 ('DirectoryAsHTML' object has no attribute 'dirnode_children_error') closed by francois
cannot reproduce: Replying to davidsarah: > I cannot reproduce this on …


22:08 Ticket #1008 (Unhandled error conditions disclose detailed information) created by duck
A number of verbose error messages, including stack traces, are …
21:03 Ticket #1007 (HTTP proxy support for node to node communication) created by duck
To use Tahoe-LAFS over the I2P anonymous network
18:34 Ticket #1006 (Incorrect pycryptopp architecture selected on osx 10.6.) created by nejucomo
My osx 10.6 box has python2.6 and an Intel Core 2 Duo, yet when I …
18:23 Ticket #1005 (twistd plugin permissions problem causes users to think that ...) created by nejucomo
I just installed 1.6.1 on an osx 10.6 box, seemingly successfully: $ …
03:39 Ticket #983 (high CPU load on storage servers when uploading large mutable file) closed by zooko


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put Nils's name at the top by assigning Distributed Introduction to … (diff)
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webdrive query (diff)
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i2p and tor queries (diff)
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nils (diff)
05:14 Ticket #652 ("appname" in version shouldn't change keys of "tahoe --version") closed by davidsarah
invalid: Replying to zooko: > The "allmydata-tahoe" part of that is …
05:12 Ticket #516 (set up mailing list to receive automated mails from darcs/trac/buildbot) closed by zooko
fixed: Yeah this is pretty much good enough. Let's close this ticket as "fixed".
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formatting (diff)
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tickets owned by you (diff)
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02:08 Ticket #603 (display versions on introducer page) closed by davidsarah
fixed: I think this was fixed before 1.5.
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irc query (diff)


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UncoordinatedWriteError? not a link (diff)
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ucwe query (diff)
17:41 Ticket #1004 (how to fix 'multiple versions are recoverable'?) created by humberto
I have a couple of directories that are Not Healthy! : Unhealthy: …
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