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update datestamp (diff)
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link to CONfidence page (diff)
17:21 Ticket #1057 (Alter mutable files to use servers of happiness) created by kevan
Servers of happiness is more robust (or can be made more robust) than …
12:44 OneHundredYearCryptography created by randombit
Initial 100 year crypto notes


22:56 Ticket #1056 (SFTP times will be wrong after Y2106) created by davidsarah
This ticket is to document the fact that Tahoe's SFTP frontend reports …
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Change introducer furl and pubgrid WAPI (diff)
16:34 Ticket #1055 (Crashed WUI due to abbreviate_time in common.py) created by rycee
I've been having a few difficulties with a Tahoe-node I'm running. It …
09:22 Ticket #1033 (*.xhtml and tahoe.css are not copied from web directory on Windows) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay this is fixed by setuptools_darcs-1.2.9.
08:43 Ticket #1054 (ImportError: No module named setuptools_darcs.setuptools_darcs) created by zooko
On the test-clean builder: …
08:33 Ticket #1026 (upgrade zetuptoolz on supported buildslaves) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay I think this is done! Please report further bugs and weirdness …
04:28 Changeset in trunk [a0a770a] by Kevan Carstensen <kevan@…>
Note that servers of happiness only applies to immutable files for the …
00:35 Changeset in trunk [7cadb49b] by Kevan Carstensen <kevan@…>
Add a specification for servers of happiness.


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CONfidence 2010 (diff)


15:40 Ticket #1028 (CLI option --node-url should allow https url) closed by francois
fixed: Ho, I've just seen that it's already applied in …
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Modify allmydata.org urls to tahoe-lafs.org (diff)


08:53 Ticket #1053 (Add 'mock' Python package to the Tahoe dependency repository) created by francois
It looks like buildslave "MM netbsd4 i386 warp" cannot download Python …
00:57 Ticket #645 (connecting to sftp frontend using sshfs fails from linux client) closed by davidsarah
fixed: This bug has essentially been obsoleted by the new SFTP …


21:44 Ticket #983 (high CPU load on storage servers when uploading large mutable file) closed by zooko
fixed: Okay, I think this issue is fixed and the performance problems …
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write a note saying that you reviewed it (diff)
06:47 Ticket #1052 ("tahoe backup": report EnvironmentError more precisely) created by zooko
tahoe backup catches EnvironmentError and then prints out …
05:50 Ticket #1051 (capabilities from the future could have non-ascii characters) created by zooko
In the work around ticket #833 we implemented forward-compatibility …
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yay we have in-line viewing with rudimentary syntax highlighting for … (diff)
04:14 Ticket #1050 (open with SSH_FXF_TRUNC without SSH_FXF_CREAT violates SFTP spec, but ...) created by bj0
It apparrently is against the SFTP spec (but not the POSIX) to open a …
03:23 Ticket #988 (Build fails when byte-compiling is disabled) closed by zooko
fixed: This was http://bugs.python.org/issue7071 , fixed in …
02:57 Ticket #1049 (gvfs-fuse doesn't work (completely) with the sftp interface) created by bj0
When using the SFTP frontend via gvfs FUSE, there is a bug that causes …
00:32 Ticket #1048 (Expected exceptions should not include tracebacks) created by kpreid
If an exception is due to a condition understood as part of the …
00:29 Ticket #1047 (Upload failures should report useful HTTP status lines) created by kpreid
iCal, and perhaps other HTTP-PUT publishing applications, reports only …


21:03 Ticket #531 (SFTP frontend needs tests) closed by zooko
duplicate: Further work on this is on #1037.
20:24 Ticket #1046 (add note to performance.txt about expected memory usage) created by zooko
Basically on a typical i386 or amd64 linux system we expect Tahoe-LAFS …
01:14 Ticket #1045 (Memory leak during massive file upload (or download) through SFTP frontend) created by francois
Today, I copied about 12'000 files for a total size of about 52 GB …
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