22:48 Ticket #1104 (the button to unlink a child from a directory should not be labelled "del") created by zooko
It should probably be labelled "unlink". In general I think it is hard …
22:25 Ticket #1103 ("tahoe cp -r" gives unhelpful error message when you append a ':" to ...) created by zooko
The help text for tahoe cp says: […] but it doesn't work. …
22:20 Ticket #1102 ("tahoe ls $DIRCAP:" gives an unhelpful error message) created by zooko
[…] But I'm pretty sure none of these are of an unknown type: […]
22:11 Ticket #1101 (some CLI commands accept "--verbose", other don't) created by zooko
For example, I can run: […] and it works, but then when I run …
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Removed the "using.html" link because it is a 404. (diff)
17:09 Ticket #1100 (Add convergence wiki page with definitions and howto.) created by nejucomo
I briefly searched the doc page, tips and tricks, and FAQ (as well as …


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20:43 Ticket #1099 (stdout might not have an 'encoding' attribute) created by davidsarah
Python's sys.stdout normally has an encoding attribute …
08:54 Ticket #1098 (Support for FreeBSD > 6 is missing from iputil.py) created by francois
On tahoe-dev, Randy Bush reported the following error when running a …
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22:38 Ticket #1097 (Directory.xhtml is not correctly displayed with Internet Explorer) created by freestorm
The links on the top of page directory.xhtml are not displayed with …
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WinSCP; reorder sections (diff)
09:19 Ticket #1096 (Have a dependency on pyutil) created by arthur
$ tahoe Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/tahoe", …
09:16 Ticket #1095 (debian packaging metadata: a dependency on pyasn1) created by arthur
After using the freshly built deb file : […] Work around is …


22:16 Ticket #1094 (automatically generate binary .egg's of pycryptopp for all of our ...) created by zooko
zeromus's #1093 (win32 build hell) was at least partly if not mostly …
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sshfs caching (diff)
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Y2037 (diff)
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wontfix: Documented in wiki:SftpFrontend.
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Y2106 (diff)
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