23:44 Ticket #967 (minor code clean-up in dirnode.py) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Applied in 6e8477114e9dfd06. Was that intentional?
23:26 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
closed since 1.7.0 and unfinished-business queries (diff)
22:40 Ticket #1072 (rename stringutils.py to encodingutil.py and/or move contents into ...) closed by davidsarah
fixed: Applied in 11077ea74de4d59a. (Was that intentional?)


22:57 AdvancedInstall edited by davidsarah
typos (diff)
08:26 Ticket #1122 (failure in allmydata.test.test_runner.RunNode.test_client: 'does not ...) created by davidsarah
Reported by Drew Perttula: […] (i.e. source:trunk@4536) […] …
00:10 Changeset in trunk [054c4553] by Kevan Carstensen <kevan@…>
test/test_upload.py: test to see that aborted buckets are ignored by …


23:41 AdvancedInstall edited by davidsarah
formatting (diff)
23:39 AdvancedInstall edited by davidsarah
deemphasize 'setup.py install' on Windows (diff)
23:21 Changeset in trunk [677f3b1f] by Kevan Carstensen <kevan@…>
test/test_storage.py: test for the new remote_abort semantics.
23:21 Changeset in trunk [6374f43] by Kevan Carstensen <kevan@…>
storage/immutable.py: make remote_abort btell the storage server about …
23:18 Changeset in trunk [5becaf0] by Kevan Carstensen <kevan@…>
test/test_upload.py: changes to test plumbing for #1117 tests - …
23:17 Changeset in trunk [6d2c216b] by Kevan Carstensen <kevan@…>
immutable/upload.py: abort buckets if peer selection fails
05:12 Ticket #1121 (test 'tahoe run') created by davidsarah
There is no runner test (along the same lines as …
03:11 AdvancedInstall edited by zooko
update workaround for the the binutils bug in MinGW (diff)
02:11 Ticket #1120 (simplify Unicode support by assuming that argv and output encodings ...) created by davidsarah
When the changes to support Unicode on Windows (#1074 and #565) are …
00:48 Ticket #1119 (make cygwin a supported platform) created by davidsarah
This requires adding a supported cygwin buildslave, and fixing #908


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add win64 query (diff)


21:18 Ticket #1118 (broken assert in upload.py) created by kevan
from http://tahoe-lafs.org/pipermail/tahoe-dev/2010-July/004656.html: …
21:10 Ticket #1117 (the immutable uploader should call remote_abort on buckets that it ...) created by kevan
The immutable upload code doesn't seem to call the abort method of …
21:04 Ticket #1116 (clarify difference between full and read-only servers in ...) created by kevan
When it fails to find a satisfactory share layout, the peer selection …
05:28 Patches edited by zooko
request descriptive patch description with examples (diff)


14:30 Ticket #923 (setting flogtool FLOG* environment variables causes spurious test failures) closed by zooko


20:02 Changeset in trunk [d346e085] by david-sarah <david-sarah@…>
Add tests of caps from the future that have non-ASCII characters in …
05:15 ViewTickets edited by zooko
move "gsoc" tag lower in the list (diff)
04:44 Ticket #967 (minor code clean-up in dirnode.py) reopened by zooko
reopen to port to trunk (from the post-1.7 branch) and apply Brian's …


04:48 Ticket #1115 (count-good-share-hosts is calculated incorrectly (post-repair says 10 ...) created by zooko
I guess the web page reporting repair results is putting in the number …
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