18:04 Ticket #1200 (package up Brian's New Visualization of immutable download) created by zooko
See the end of #1170 and …
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formatting (diff)
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formatting (diff)
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edits (diff)
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explain my strategy about quickstart.html+binary-eggs vs. AdvancedInstall (diff)
01:00 Ticket #1199 (document known scaling issues) created by zooko
There are some known issues with scaling Tahoe-LAFS up in terms of …


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fix count (diff)
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add 1.9.0 (diff)


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added Atlas Networks to list of sponsors for their dedicated servers (diff)
01:34 Ticket #1198 (Bogus tub location causes introducer error) created by akp
I had a misconfiguration during my first attempt to connect to the …
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bump the news for 1.8.0c4 release (diff)


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add link to RSA slides (diff)
07:25 Ticket #1197 (nondeterministic failure of ...) closed by zooko
fixed: reviewed. Thanks!! :-)


23:02 Ticket #188 (--basedir vs. --node-directory) closed by zooko
fixed: reviewed (not with 100% care, but...)
02:22 Ticket #1197 (nondeterministic failure of ...) created by davidsarah
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duplicate: Duplicate of #1182.
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