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12:24 Ticket #1213 (Should support change of hash functions) created by ruudud
It should be relatively easy to change e.g. SHA-256d to other hash …


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14:22 Ticket #1212 (Repair used default shares.happy) created by eurekafag
I've tried to repair a file and got: […] Everything worked fine …


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Adding 1.8.0 release to news feed (diff)
07:50 Milestone 1.8.0 completed
* Brian's New Downloader * win64 support * non-ASCII charsets on …


23:42 Ticket #1211 (client should be able to test share placement) created by gdt
A client should be able to store a single share on a specific server …
23:39 Ticket #1210 (stray unrecoverable versions should be repaired by removal, not a new ...) created by gdt
If there are 1 shares of seqN and 10 shares of seqM, M>N, the file is …
23:38 Ticket #1209 (repair of mutable files/directories should not increment the sequence ...) created by gdt
Particularly with my root directory, I often find that 9 shares of …
23:37 Ticket #1208 (config should default to leaving 1G free) created by gdt
storage should default to not taking all disk space, since that's a …
23:36 Ticket #1207 (Detect RFC1918/invalid addresses somehow) created by gdt
Storage nodes can be configured without global addresses. They will …
23:35 Ticket #1206 (node status page does not indicate per server if it is taking shares) created by gdt
A very important indicator of the health of a server in a grid is …
23:34 Ticket #1205 (Installation does not default to expiring shares) created by gdt
This causes new servers to fill up and then be no longer useful. There …
23:33 Ticket #1204 (storage status page does not show nickname/id) created by gdt
I forward ports to my various remote storage servers. The main page …
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00:57 Ticket #1174 (say more explicitly what the 'since' date refers to for servers on the ...) reopened by davidsarah
Replying to warner: > FYI, the "since" column was supposed …


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