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Fix formatting. (diff)
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Make everyone feel welcome at noisebridge. (diff)
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Clean up markup flotsam. (diff)
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Rough draft of schedule. (diff)
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Initial broad details.
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Add an announcement and link to the Summit page. (diff)
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use foo.diff instead of foo.patch (that's what Brian did on #1395 and … (diff)
04:46 Ticket #1421 (increase_rlimits() tries to set RLIMIT_CORE high, which grsec disallows) created by zooko
Originally reported in #982 by ioerror: Grsec disallows a resource …
03:35 Ticket #1420 (adopt man page that bertagaz at ptitcanardnoir.org wrote) created by zooko


16:08 Ticket #1419 (when you get write-access to a directory, it comes with a "suggested ...) created by zooko
I was thinking the other day that I share writecaps to directories …
11:13 Ticket #1418 ("cannot convert float NaN to integer" in next_power_of_k, during ...) created by rycee
While performing a backup just a few minutes ago, I got the following …


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revert changes made to test gzb2 irc bot (diff)
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test (diff)


15:50 Ticket #1412 (Size column in WUI directory listings should be right-justified) closed by zooko@…
fixed: In 06bf0360d63141e6: […]


17:35 Ticket #1417 (TWN RSS Feed) created by marlowe
Create an RSS feed for the tahoe weekly news mailing list
17:32 Ticket #1416 (suggestion box for the Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News) created by marlowe
What items should be regularly included in the Tahoe-LAFS Weekly News? …
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