20:05 Ticket #1539 (stop putting pkg_resources.require() into .tac files) created by zooko
Per comment:1:ticket:1159: One thing that we can do right away to …


20:01 Ticket #1538 (tests should create share files with the same Unix mode bits as a real ...) created by davidsarah
Real storage servers create share files with mode 600 (rw-------), but …
17:38 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
fix transposed != and = (diff)
17:36 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
add 'most recently changed open tickets' query (diff)


21:52 Ticket #1537 (fix some Interface violations) created by warner
Daira ran a script (in #1474) and found a list of places where classes …
03:28 Performance edited by zooko
add link to Brian's new benchmarks (diff)


21:19 OSPackages edited by micah
update debian version (diff)
19:15 OSPackages edited by zooko
merge the debian and ubuntu contact lists (diff)
19:08 OSPackages edited by zooko
remove paul hummer and olivier, as I didn't hear from them during the … (diff)
18:00 ViewTickets edited by davidsarah
add archlinux and zope queries (diff)
17:44 Ticket #1536 (nicely report any errors involving finding and using ifconfig) created by zooko
A couple of users have recently …
16:20 Ticket #1186 (downloader: avoid redundant Share.loop calls) closed by warner
duplicate: Nope, ShareFinder does the DYHB queries, so it's only involved …
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