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Linking to ticket #1657 (diff)
19:19 UseCases edited by amontero
01:03 Ticket #1657 (Sneakernet grid scenario) created by amontero
See also related issues: #793, #1107, #2123. Hi all. I'm trying to …


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07:27 Ticket #1656 (tahoe backup error) created by ianchov
Hi guys i do my backup with […]
07:22 Ticket #1655 (Reproducible UncoordinatedWriteError on repair) created by ianchov
Hi Tahoe 1.9.1 (same with 1.9.0) […]
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add direct link to 1.9.1 tarball (diff)
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23:46 Milestone 1.9.1 completed
Fix security vulnerability -- #1654
23:46 WikiStart edited by warner
link to 1.9.1 release announcement (diff)
23:28 WikiStart edited by warner
announce v1.9.1 (diff)
23:18 Ticket #1654 (integrity failure in mutable retrieve (SDMF+MDMF) in 1.9.0) closed by Brian Warner <warner@…>
fixed: In d10f260f36a9da6f: […]
01:05 OSPackages edited by jg71


21:54 NewMutableEncodingDesign edited by davidsarah
change the metadata-cryptovalue separator to a slash (does not … (diff)
21:51 NewMutableEncodingDesign edited by davidsarah
add example of 306-bit (2K+T) caps (diff)
21:41 NewMutableEncodingDesign edited by davidsarah
previous change to statement about readcap length in the 'pubkey in … (diff)
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front page news: vuln (diff)


21:06 NewMutableEncodingDesign edited by davidsarah
update for Ed25519, and fix a bug that would allow meet-in-the-middle … (diff)
19:59 Ticket #1631 (PyCrypto 2.0.1 does not appear to work with trunk) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 76e7f0ad4b0d109a: […]
17:24 NewMutableEncodingDesign edited by zooko
update from ECDSA to Ed25519 (diff)


17:52 OSPackages edited by jg71
15:42 Ticket #331 (add DSA to pycryptopp - serialize pubkeys with less fluff) closed by zooko
wontfix: We're abandoning implementation of ECDSA in favor of Ed25519: …
04:44 Ticket #1654 (integrity failure in mutable retrieve (SDMF+MDMF) in 1.9.0) created by warner
This is the ticket where we will track the details of a failure of …
03:16 Ticket #1653 (mutable-retrieve should accept good shares from servers with bad shares) created by warner
retrieve.py is currently rather punitive when it detects corrupt …
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