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01:44 Ticket #1715 (change all docs and generated URLs to point to "/cap" instead of "/uri") created by marlowe
From #tahoe-lafs: 13:58 < warner> I also noticed that /uri and /cap …


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18:37 Ticket #1662 (webapi.rst fails to document /file/ and /named/ handlers) closed by warner
fixed: Landed in 589179cf. Thanks!
13:27 Ticket #1714 (Tahoe-lafs fails to start with python 2.7 due to missing argparse module) created by vrusinov
[…] But since python 2.7 argparse is included in standard library: …
02:57 Ticket #1713 (redesigned welcome page) created by tarcieri
I've integrated the redesign of the welcome page I did using Twitter …


08:29 Ticket #781 (wanted: Windows Packaging Master) closed by zooko
invalid: I opened this ticket, hoping that someone would volunteer to take on a …
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04:30 Ticket #1712 (drop-upload: mutable files already in the upload dir should be ...) created by davidsarah
This would be consistent with the behaviour of SFTP.
04:27 Ticket #1711 (Magic Folder: allow the client and parent DMD(s) to be specified by a ...) created by daira
03:00 Ticket #1710 (Magic Folder: implement "Water Dragons" section of design doc) created by davidsarah
The prototype implementation of drop-upload in #1429 adds new or …
00:24 Ticket #1709 (order nodes by nickname instead of peerid on the welcome page) created by davidsarah
On 05/04/12 21:40, Ted Rolle, Jr. wrote: > How about ordering nodes by …
00:17 Ticket #1708 (change capitalization of welcome page headings; add test for ...) closed by david-sarah@…
fixed: In 9d87f8ddd58373e3: […]


23:54 Ticket #1708 (change capitalization of welcome page headings; add test for ...) created by davidsarah
stercor wrote: > How about ordering nodes by nickname instead of Peer …
18:35 Ticket #1689 (assertion failure) closed by jg71
01:07 Ticket #1707 (iputil cannot get local IP addresses on newer Dragonfly BSD ...) created by phma
Here is the log: […] Here's the client section of tahoe.cfg: […]
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