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03:07 Ticket #1927 (cloud backend spams twistd.log with two entries for each HTTP connection) created by davidsarah
This fills the twistd.log files with junk and makes it difficult to …
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wording of intro (diff)
02:49 Ticket #1926 (Failed to load application: cannot import name IFinishableConsumer) closed by davidsarah
duplicate: Duplicate of #1525.
02:01 Ticket #1926 (Failed to load application: cannot import name IFinishableConsumer) created by bsd
The following error occurs when running tahoe using the latest …


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use hangout chat, not IRC channel (diff)
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URL for hangout (diff)
04:35 Ticket #1922 (Test of html Encoding After GET Fails) closed by davidsarah
fixed: +1. Committed as …
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updates (diff)


17:21 Changeset in trunk [0f49987] by fraggod@…>
test_web.py: fix test_GET_DIRECTORY_html_filenode_encoding for …
04:21 Ticket #1925 (filesize is zero after upload via sshfs/sftp) created by cehteh
When mounting tahoe via sshfs files copied into the directory will …


19:55 Ticket #1924 (NetBSD < 6.0 /dev/random appears to break RSA keygen in test suites) created by midnightmagic
It *looks* as though the NetBSD /dev/random from earlier than 6.0 …
02:48 Ticket #1923 (cloud backend OpenStack: crawlers are not working correctly with HP ...) created by davidsarah
The smoke-testing I did to confirm that the OpenStack code was …
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