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fix buildbot URL (diff)
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add buildbot link (now that it is not shown on the main navbar) (diff)
11:31 Ticket #1997 (Eventually remove disconnected nodes from Welcome page display) created by luckyredhot
It is often required to make one time connection of test storage nodes …
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"Q32_remove_node" added (diff)


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fix command to build a pycrypto egg; add info about building other eggs (diff)
19:14 Ticket #1993 (Abuse of HTTP status 410 Gone) closed by daira
duplicate: Duplicate of #1764. I'll copy the discussion here to that ticket.
18:18 Ticket #1996 (Unspecified error during verification of Least Authority Cypher Text ...) created by Zancas
Starting... Automation script started. {{{Signing up …
18:16 Ticket #1995 (Unspecified error during initialization of EC2 storage server) created by Zancas
I attempted to set up an EC2 to use as a storageserver with the cloud …
18:11 Ticket #1994 (S3 Error during initialization of S3 store to use with S3(cloud) backend) created by Zancas
I attempted to create an S3 bucket to use with the S3 backend (by …
18:10 Ticket #1990 (deep-check --repair hangs) closed by daira
invalid: The progress bar request is a duplicate of #1748.
17:25 Ticket #1987 (cloud backend: for a very large upload, the accounting crawler deletes ...) closed by daira
invalid: The 10 GB upload failed but for an unrelated reason (#1991), and …
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hangout url (diff)
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update for tomorrow (diff)
01:00 Ticket #1993 (Abuse of HTTP status 410 Gone) created by kpreid
NotEnoughSharesError, NoSharesError, and UnrecoverableFileError, at …
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