16:54 Ticket #1402 (Multiple introducers, through relay) closed by zooko
duplicate: socrates: thanks for the patch! This ticket is redundant with #68, so …
16:46 Ticket #2030 ('make clean' does not delete all generated files) created by daira
In particular it does not delete src/allmydata/_version.py.
16:18 Ticket #2029 ('tahoe cp' gives a bad error message when no file name is specified.) closed by daira
duplicate: Merging into #2027.
14:55 Ticket #2029 ('tahoe cp' gives a bad error message when no file name is specified.) created by markberger
If the user attempts to copy a file from the top level of a directory …
14:49 Ticket #2028 (Twisted endpoints introduce a dependency on pywin32) created by daira
In #1274 we managed to eliminate Tahoe's problematic dependency on …
14:45 Ticket #2027 (Inconsistent 'tahoe cp' behavior) created by markberger
When copying a file from the top level of a directory node using the …
14:15 Ticket #398 (allow users to disable use of helper: direct uploads might be faster) closed by daira
invalid: This related to Allmydata's service, which is no longer relevant. If …
13:23 Ticket #1566 (if a stored share has a corrupt header, other shares held by that ...) closed by daira
13:23 Ticket #2026 (storage server should file a local corruption report if it discovers a ...) created by daira
This ticket concerns the behaviour of a storage server for shares …
13:13 Ticket #2025 (test storage server behaviour for bad container files or chunk objects) created by daira
The behaviour of a storage server on shares with a corrupt container …
13:00 Ticket #1381 (EINTR from communication with subprocess in allmydata/util/iputil.py _query) closed by daira


16:32 AboutUs edited by daira
adjust formatting of GSoC tables (diff)
16:27 AboutUs edited by daira
add Mark Berger as GSoC 2013 student (diff)
16:17 Ticket #2024 (downloader hangs when server returns empty string) created by warner
While investigating the {{{test_download.Corrupt.test_each_byte …
15:54 Ticket #2023 (regression coincident with iputil fixes, on FreeBSD and Slackware) created by zooko
Our buildbot shows that when this batch of patches went in: …
15:17 Ticket #2022 (Add *.DS_Store to .gitignore) closed by daira
fixed: Fixed in 3a5730c62aa69320739ccb6a2ef79678aa00ff43/trunk
15:14 Changeset in trunk [4ce53ff] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Ignore .*.kate-swp and /*.patch files. Signed-off-by: Daira Hopwood …
14:55 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
hangout url (diff)
04:45 WeeklyMeeting edited by zooko
weekly meeting prep (diff)


18:45 Changeset in trunk [3a5730c] by Mark Berger <mark.berger.j@…>
Ignore .DS_Store files
18:43 Ticket #2022 (Add *.DS_Store to .gitignore) created by markberger
On OSX there is a proprietary file format called .DS_Store that holds …
08:20 LocalGrid edited by Elderry
Fixed path (diff)


19:18 Ticket #2015 (leasedb: high file descriptor usage exposed by tests) closed by daira
fixed: Fixed in …
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