23:34 Ticket #1988 (don't stop the process if you can't execute "ifconfig" or "route.exe") closed by markberger
fixed: I finally got back to reviewing this and it looks good to me. Since …
17:45 Ticket #1015 (needs doc: attempts to build from source of dependencies such as ...) closed by zooko
fixed: fixed by FAQ change 75 and …


11:14 Ticket #2084 (Commercial grids need an ability to disallow downloads without ...) created by esnyder
If you are buying space on a grid, the grid operator presumably wants …
05:40 Ticket #1861 (redirects in tahoe should not point to other origins) closed by zooko


17:43 ViewTickets edited by zooko
added "websec" keyword (diff)


17:23 Ticket #2083 (Move 1819-cloud-merge-opensource branch from LeastAuthority/tahoe-lafs ...) created by markberger
'Opensource' should be dropped from the title so that it is just …


11:26 Ticket #2006 (build noise due to setuptools_darcs, which should have been removed) closed by zooko
invalid: setuptools_darcs must be installed on Randy's FreeBSD system. Ah yes, …


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hangout url (diff)
07:26 OneHundredYearCryptography edited by zooko
update URL of klog (diff)
06:33 NewCapDesign edited by zooko
"lafs" is more the protocol, "tahoe" is more the Python … (diff)
06:32 NewCapDesign edited by zooko
"lafs" is more the protocol, "tahoe" is more the Python implementation (diff)
06:17 Ticket #2082 (it says "option --node-dir not a unique prefix", but it is!) created by zooko
06:09 Ticket #2081 (bad error message when you give a readonly dircap as target to "tahoe cp") created by zooko
I accidentally wrote tahoe cp -r . $RODIRCAP, and instead of a …
06:02 Ticket #2080 (remove the "experimental" flag on MDMF in the WUI and make it the default) created by zooko
The WUI currently offers "SDMF" or "MDMF (experimental)" as options. …
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tomorrow's meeting (diff)
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