23:58 Ticket #2106 (RAIC behaviour different from RAID behaviour) closed by daira
22:50 Ticket #2107 (don't place shares on servers that already have shares) created by zooko
I think we should change it so that the Upload Strategy doesn't bother …
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21:03 Ticket #2106 (RAIC behaviour different from RAID behaviour) created by sickness
Let's assume we have a local RAID5 set of 4 identical disks attached …
17:41 Ticket #2105 (fix the definition of needs-rebalancing) created by daira
Split from #1784 (also see 1115#comment:27): The value of …
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22:20 Ticket #2104 (pip install . confused by _trial_temp) created by nejucomo
For some reason pip install . in a new virtualenv, with a dirty …


23:11 Ticket #2103 (Ensure buildbot configuration automates coverage analysis with ...) created by nejucomo
I'm not certain whether or not the buildbot waterfall produces …
16:37 Changeset in trunk [1b0b49a] by Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn <zooko@…>
update link to Maildir tips (thanks MK_FG)
16:12 Ticket #2102 (generate docs with sphinx) created by zooko
Sphinx apparently makes docs have nice formatting which looks like …
01:45 Ticket #2101 (improve error messages from failed uploads) created by zooko
The error message when an upload fails is a "wall of text". It is hard …
00:21 Ticket #2100 (passphrase-encrypt the aliases file) created by daira
This would help people who are concerned about the risk of an aliases …


22:04 Changeset in trunk [0bebbe3] by Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn <zooko@…>
fix warnings from rst2html Apparently the in-line link syntax with …


17:55 Ticket #2099 (bring back tahoebot) created by zooko
Mark_B made a bot named tahoebot join the #tahoe-lafs IRC channel. It …


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magic first line tells emacs to use utf8+bom Add ".. -*- coding: …
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