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17:31 Ticket #2127 (Disambiguate "client" and "gateway" occurrences in Tahoe-LAFS docs) created by amontero
When reading the Tahoe-LAFS the documentation, you can find "client" …
17:18 Ticket #1100 (Add convergence wiki page with definitions and howto.) closed by amontero
fixed: It's at …
16:44 Changeset in trunk [98e4218] by zooko <zookog@…>
Merge pull request #73 from pataquets/patch-1 Warn about ambiguities …
16:25 Changeset in trunk [857d072] by pataquets <amontero@…>
Warn about ambiguities on "client" and "gateway" terms


17:22 Ticket #2126 (send application/json content-type for JSON response) created by freddyb
Multiple files in the web directory contain the line …


20:05 Ticket #2125 (don't cache failures!) created by zooko
I just had a transient failure to load a file (due to #2116), and then …
19:48 Ticket #2124 (Add [storage].max_shares configuration option) created by amontero
This feature is a proposed solution to #2107 and #2123. I discussed …
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20:13 Ticket #2123 (Build intermitently-connected replication-only storage grid) created by amontero
I'm trying to achieve the following Tahoe-LAFS scenario: === …
13:39 Ticket #2122 (Update jQuery to address CVE-2011-4969) created by ChosenOne
See http://web.nvd.nist.gov/view/vuln/detail?vulnId=CVE-2011-4969 A …


02:58 Ticket #2121 (test_system.SystemTest.test_filesystem fails on OSX 10.9) created by markberger
This might be a 'not our problem' ticket, but the test suite fails on …


21:06 Ticket #2120 (Change counter value for AES-CTR) created by markberger
In immutable/upload.py we have the following code: […] As part …
21:04 Ticket #2119 (Don't pre-convert all serverids to ServerTrackers) created by markberger
In immutable/upload.py we have the following code: […] As part …
21:02 Ticket #2118 (Lower extension size) created by markberger
In immutable/upload.py, there is the following comment: […] As …
14:41 Ticket #2117 (Valid helper makes "Connected to Q of R" irrelevant for upload success) created by Faux
When a machine has a valid helper configured and connected, the number …


04:32 Ticket #2116 (xml parse error from S4 service) created by zooko
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