23:08 Changeset in trunk [9789c4b] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
Merge pull request #152 from vu3rdd/182-osx-packaging-7 strip the …


22:36 Ticket #2220 (drop-upload on Windows: multiple change events should be collapsed together) closed by daira
12:02 Ticket #2404 (optionally backup to mutable files/directories) created by lpirl
From my understanding, when using tahoe backup it is currently not …
09:43 Ticket #2403 (directories not created using helper) created by lpirl
Assume we have a grid with a star topology (maybe because you can't …


13:35 Ticket #2402 (serve static files under a common URL) created by lpirl
If Tahoe is operated behind a Web proxy (e.g. for authentication) it …
13:23 Ticket #2401 (authentication via proxy breaks "tahoe backup") created by lpirl
Assume we have a grid with a star-like topology (maybe because you …
09:05 Changeset in trunk [c88deb4] by Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan <ram@…>
strip the single quotes around $VERSION Without stripping the single …


23:59 Ticket #2400 (OpenSSL.crypto.Error (unknown message digest algorithm) when starting ...) created by daira
Gabe reported: was able to build tahoe successfully, and can …
22:42 Changeset in trunk [0bd2444] by Daira Hopwood <daira@…>
README.rst: change description to the new wording on tahoe-lafs.org …
15:42 WikiStart edited by zooko
add news about usability (diff)


03:37 Ticket #2399 (cp -r tries to mkdir the directory more than once) created by ambimorph
Target directory tmp did not exist before running the following: […]
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